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Logic & Protocol Analyzer, 64 ch.@32Mb, 1GHz, USB 3.0 US$5,200.00

Logic & Protocol Analyzer, 64 ch.@32Mb, 1GHz, USB 3.0

The LAP-F1 series of logic and protocol analyzers is for high-speed, comprehensive measurements. They provide a high sample rate, deep memory and a large number of channels in a single instrument. The hardware features a Xilinx high-performance FPGA chip and exclusive active probes that enhance sampling accuracy and stability.

It includes an extensive protocol library of more than 110 built-in decoders, and straightforward software provides for efficient debugging. This hardware is optimized for complex circuits with high-frequency signals. It features a DSO connection and six hardware protocol triggers: I2C, I2S, SPI, SVID, UART, and CAN 2.0B.

The active probes provide good impedance matching, reduced crosstalk and noise, and reinforced ground to enhance measurement quality and to provide accuracy and stability with high-speed signals. They support DUT bandwidths of up to 200 MHz. Four types of probes are available. With your purchase you will receive a complete set of two types of your choice (general-purpose, low-voltage, or negative-logic) and four eMMC probes. Whichever type you don't choose still can be purchased separately. See the bottom of this page for a feature comparison of the different probe types, the set selector, and links to individual extra probes.

The eMMC probes allow you to use the eMMC5.1/SD3.0 Trigger feature of the analyzer, which by default is limited to four channels. There is an optional eMMC license that will allow you to trigger and decode all eMMC5.1/SD3.0 signals. That option includes 28 additional eMMC probes.

LAP-F1 Series Features

There are 10 different models in the LAP-F1 series. The first couple rows of the table below highlight the differences between them so you can choose the model that best suits your needs.

Items / Type LAP-F1404M LAP-F1408M LAP-F14016M LAP-F14032M LAP-F14064M LAP-F1644M LAP-F1648M LAP-F16416M LAP-F16432M LAP-F16464M
Channels 40 40 40 40 40 64 64 64 64 64
Memory depth per channel 4 Mbits 8 Mbits 16 Mbits 32 Mbits 64 Mbits 4 Mbits 8 Mbits 16 Mbits 32 Mbits 64 Mbits
Memory depth / channels when using Channel Folding 4Mb / 40 ch
8Mb / 16 ch
16Mb / 8 ch
32Mb / 4 ch
64Mb / 2 ch
128Mb / 1 ch
8Mb / 40 ch
16Mb / 16 ch
32Mb / 8 ch
64Mb / 4 ch
128Mb / 2 ch
256Mb / 1 ch
16Mb / 40 ch
32Mb / 16 ch
64Mb / 8 ch
128Mb / 4 ch
256Mb / 2 ch
512Mb / 1 ch
32Mb / 40 ch
64Mb / 16 ch
128Mb / 8 ch
256Mb / 4 ch
512Mb / 2 ch
1Gb / 1 ch
64Mb / 40 ch
128Mb / 16 ch
256Mb / 8 ch
512Mb / 4 ch
1Gb / 2 ch
4Mb / 64 ch
8Mb / 32 ch
16Mb / 16 ch
32Mb / 8 ch
64Mb / 4 ch
128Mb / 2 ch
256Mb / 1 ch
8Mb / 64 ch
16Mb / 32 ch
32Mb / 16 ch
64Mb / 8 ch
128Mb / 4 ch
256Mb / 2 ch
512Mb / 1 ch
16Mb / 64 ch
32Mb / 32 ch
64Mb / 16 ch
128Mb / 8 ch
256Mb / 4 ch
512Mb / 2 ch
1Gb / 1 ch
32Mb / 64 ch
64Mb / 32 ch
128Mb / 16 ch
256Mb / 8 ch
512Mb / 4 ch
1Gb / 2 ch
64Mb / 64 ch
128Mb / 32 ch
256Mb / 16 ch
512Mb / 8 ch
1Gb / 4 ch
Operating System Windows 8.1 (recommended), Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2000 (32- or 64-bit versions supported)
Transmission USB 3.0 (2.0 compatible)
Sample rate Internal (timing) max 1 GHz
External (state) max 32
Trigger Trigger Channels 32 (channels divided into 2 groups; or triggering between 1st group (32 ch) and 2nd group (8/32 ch)
Trigger Events Pattern / Edge / Pulse-width / Interval (time)
Trigger Delay Yes
Trigger Sequence 256 Levels
Trigger Pass 1 to 65535
Trigger Voltage 4 simultaneous levels; 1 for each of the 4 ports
Auxiliary Cursors 250
Hardware Triggers I2C, I2S, SPI, SVID, UART, CAN 2.0B
eMMC5.1/SD3.0 Trigger 4 ch. can be triggered/sampled/decoded at 2GHz in standard package; see Optional Functions below for details about getting full support
Software Functions Languages English, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese
Zooming & Panning 2 cursor modes
Waveform & UI Customization Modify appearance of channels, menus, traces, windows, etc.
State List & Waveform View Present samples as list of 1s and 0s, or as waveform
DSO Connection Connect to and import signals from DSOs
File Comparison Compare 2 files to see where and how they differ
Navigator Quickly navigate to distant parts of the waveform
Memory View See what the memory looks like; what is read/written to which address
Packet List Breakdown of all packets in list form
Statistics Table view showing number of periods, periods that satisfy conditions, etc.
Real-time Signal Activity Live view of probe activity
Protocol Decoders More than 110 free built-in protocol decoders
Phase Errors Less than 3ns
Power AC in: 100-240V @ 50/60Hz; DC out: 9V/5.55A
Dimensions 322 180 38 mm
Certifications CE, FCC
Optional Functions Channel Folding As seen above, you can activate this free option to give your LAP-F1 unit the ability to concentrate the total memory on a limited number of channels. For example, with this 64-channel version with 32Mb per channel, you could enable only 32 channels to get 64Mb per channel, or enable only 16 channels to get 128Mb per channel, etc.
eMMC5.1/SD3.0 Purchase this option to unlock 32-channel 2GHz sampling and the ability to trigger and decode all signals of eMMC5.1/SD3.0. An additional 28 probes are included with purchase of this option, to give you a total of 32. As eMMC has only 11 signals, the remaining signals can be used for other high-speed acquisitions.
Long-time Record Firmware option (separate purchase) to unlock the ability to stream samples directly to disk. Up to 64 channels can be streamed at an average rate of 300MB/s using USB 3.0. The long-time record function can be used to acquire signals from 7 hours up to a month depending on your sampling setup. Note that a fairly powerful PC is required to run this function reliably.

Built-in protocols

The LAP-F1 series can decode the following protocols right out of the box:
  • Automotive CAN 2.0B, DSI Bus, FlexRay 2.1A, LIN 2.1, MVB, WTB
  • PC System FWH, GPIB, Low Pin Count, LPC-SERIRQ, LPT, PCI, PECI, PS/2, SVID, USB 1.1, USB 2.0
  • Memory Compact Flash 4.1, I2C (EEPROM 24L), I2C (EEPROM 24LCS61/24LCS62), MICROWIRE (EEPROM 93C), SD2.0/SDIO, SAMSUNG K9 (NAND Flash), SPI Compatible (Atmel Memory), UNI/O
  • Digital Audio AC97, DSA Interface, HD Audio, HDMI CEC, I2S, MIDI, PCM, PSB Interface, S/PDIF, STBus
  • IC Interface 1-WIRE, 1-Wire (Advanced), 3-WIRE, BDM, HPI, I2C, JTAG 2.0, MCU-51 DECODE, MICROWIRE, SLE4442, SSI Interface, ST7669, SPI, SPI PLUS, Serial Wire Debug (SWD), UART (RS-232C/422/485)
  • Infrared Rays IRDA, NEC PD6122, Philips RC-5, Philips RC-6, PT2262/PT2272
  • Optoelectronics 7-SEGMENT LED, CCIR656, CMOS IMAGE, DALI Interface, DM114/DM115, DMX512, LCD12864, LCD1602, LG4572, S2Cwire/AS2Cwire, SCCB
  • Power BMS, HDQ, PMBus 1.1, SDQ, SMBus 2.0
  • Wireless Differential Manchester, DigRF, ISO7816 UART, KEELOQ Code Hopping, MANCHESTER, MII, MILLER, MIL-STD-1553, MODIFIED MILLER, SIGNIA 6210, SWP, WIEGAND, WWV/WWVH/WWVB
  • Other DS1302, DS18820, HART, KNX, ModBus, MODIFIED SPI, OPENTHERM 2.2, PROFIBUS, SHT11, YK-5

LAP-F1 64-channel Series Package Contents

  • LAP-F1 logic analyzer hardware
  • CD with software and user manual
  • 32 Low Voltage probes (two channels per probe)
  • Four eMMC probes
  • One eMMC Clock-In probe
  • 37 USB 3.0 cables for connection to probes, A-to-A type, 32.5 cm
  • 64 signal/ground cable pairs, 7.5 cm
  • 128 clip-on connectors
  • USB 3.0 cable for connection to PC, A-to-B type, 1.5 m
  • 9V power supply with detachable 1.8 m cable
  • BNC cable, 1 m
  • UTB300 Combo PCI-e 4x card to give your PC two USB 3.0 ports and two SATA-III ports
The active probes connect to LAP-F1 via USB 3.0. The ports are separated into four groups of eight channels: A0-A7, B0-B7, C0-C7 and D0-D7. Independent trigger voltage levels can be set for each of the four groups. The probes are colored and numbered and it is recommended to follow the color codes when setting up the instrument.

Probe Specifications

The following table shows the specifications for the different probe types. A complete set of P120LV Low Voltage Probes probes and four P200EM eMMC/SD probes are included with your purchase. If you order the optional eMMC5.1/SD3.0 Full Software License you will receive 28 additional eMMC/SD Probes for a total of 32Note: The P120LV probes included can operate within the same voltages as the P100ST.

Model Name P100ST
(General Purpose)
(Low Voltage)
(Negative Logic)
Included in base purchase Yes, if chosen below Yes, if chosen below Yes, if chosen below 4 included in base purchase
Signal type Single-ended bus Single-ended bus Single-ended bus Single-ended bus
Channels (max) 64 64 64 32
Input Impedance /
530 kOhm 10%
8.2pF 2pF
190 kOhm 10%
4.3pF 2pF
190 kOhm 10%
4.3pF 2pF
190 kOhm 10%
4.3pF 2pF
DUT Bandwidth (max) 100 MHz 120 MHz 120 MHz 200 MHz
Transmission Rate (max) 100 Mbit/s 120 Mbit/s 120 Mbit/s 400 Mbit/s
Trigger Voltage User defined User defined User defined User defined
Bus Voltage VIH: 2V to 5V VIH: 0.6V to 5V VIH: 0.3V to 5V
VIH: -0.2V to -1.5V
VIH: 0.6V to 5V
Input Signal Level -5V to +5V 0V to 5V -5V to +5V 0V to 5V
Input DC Voltage (max) 5V 10V 10V 10V

LAP-F Series Logic Analyzer Resources

Optional Recommended Products for this Item
eMMC5.1/SD3.0 Full License for LAP-F Logic/Protocol Analyzers+ US$3,500.00
Active Probe for LAP-F Logic/Protocol Analyzer, Low Voltage+ US$65.00
Active Probe for LAP-F Logic/Protocol Analyzer, Negative Logic+ US$65.00
Active Probe for LAP-F Logic/Protocol Analyzer, eMMC/SD+ US$80.00

This product was added to our catalog on Monday 01 February, 2016.


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