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Development Board: EasyMx PRO v7 for Tiva C Series ARM Cortex-M4 US$169.00

Development Board: EasyMx PRO v7 for Tiva C Series ARM Cortex-M4

This EasyMx PRO v7 board is a development board for TI's Tiva C Series ARM Cortex-M4 microcontrollers. It comes with a TM4C129XNCZAD on a plug-in CPU module.

The board is built with 4-layer PCB routing to achieve excellent signal quality, which is important for SPI and other communication lines running at high speeds. It includes multimedia peripherals such as TFT touch screen, stereo MP3 codec with Headphone and Microphone jacks, microSD slot and Navigation switch.

There are plenty of communication modules on board too: USB Host and Device connectors, two USB-UARTs, Ethernet and CAN module. Two mikroBUS sockets enable you to add Click boards easily.

The board features nine Input/Output PORT groups with IDC10 headers, buttons and LEDs.

No external programming hardware is required, for the board contains a built-in mikroProg fast USB 2.0 programmer and hardware debugger.

Tiva C Series Development Board Features

CPU Module TM4C129XNCZAD ARM Cortex-M4F microcontroller operating at 120 MHz, with 1024 KB Flash memory, 265 KB single-cycle SRAM, integrated Ethernet controller with PHY, USB 2.0 (OTG/Host/Device), 140 GPIO, seven 16/32-bit timers, two 12-bit 24-channel ADCs, 12-bit DAC, eight UARTs, RTC, 10x I2C, four SPI, and two CAN controllers. The module also includes a 25MHz crystal oscillator that provides clock frequency, and a 32.768kHz external crystal for the RTC and the MCU's hibernation function. This CPU Module can be replaced with one containing a different CPU.
3.3V power supply Board can be powered over USB cable or via an external power supply (barrel connector or screw terminals) at 9-32V DC or 7-23V AC.
mikroProg The on-board mikroProg in-circuit debugger/programmer supports over 55 ARM Cortex-M4 microcontrollers from the Texas Instruments Tiva C Series. It allows you to program the microcontroller on the board via USB cable. The board also has a Cortex Debug connector that supports JTAG, Serial Wire Debug, and Serial Wire Viewer operations with your own external programmer.
Ethernet connector RJ45 connector gives you access to the on-chip Ethernet controller of compatible devices.
Audio connectors 3.5mm jacks enable you to connect headphones and a microphone to the on-board audio codec chip.
mikroBUS sockets Two mikroBUS sockets allow you to use plug-and-play Click Boards to add peripheral functions.
Reset button High-quality reset button and circuit ensures stable reset operation.
Serial Flash You can store up to 8 Mbits of data in the on-board M25P80 SPI Flash memory.
I2C EEPROM You can store up to 8x256 bytes of configuration or other data into the on-board 24AA01 Serial EEPROM.
Stereo MP3 codec The VS1053 MPEG audio codec with SPI interface is available for audio input and output. It supports many formats.
Piezo buzzer The piezo buzzer can be connected to two digital output pins, one of which is the PWM output.
ADC potentiometer You can simulate analog inputs using the on-board potentiometer. Jumpers allow you to set which input pin it is connected to.
Temperature sensor support The board has sockets for installing a DS1820 digital temperature sensor and an LM35 analog temperature sensor. Neither is included.
USB-UART connectors Two USB connectors with FTDI USB-UART chips allow you to connect the board to a PC or other devices via virtual serial ports.
USB Host connector You can connect USB devices as a slave to the board, e.g. Flash drives, cameras, MP3 players, etc.
USB Device connector You can connect this board as a slave to a PC or other USB Host via fast USB2.0 interface.
LCD with Touch Panel The board includes a 320240-pixel TFT color LCD with touch screen. A touch panel controller and a backlight controller are on board also. The TFT display can be replaced with a 12864-pixel monochromatic GLCD (sold separately), for which a potentiometer is provided to set contrast level.
Navigation switch This small joystick can be used for navigating on-screen menus or as a generic input device.
microSD card slot You can store large amounts of data externally on a microSD card using SPI communication. microSD card not included.
CAN controller The board has an MCP2551 CAN controller and screw terminals.
Tri-state DIP switches Three-position DIP switches allow you to enable a 4K7 pull-up or pull-down resistor on any desired port pin.
Push buttons & LEDs Buttons and LEDs in each input/output group enable you to have digital inputs on each port pin. That's 67 buttons & LEDs in total.
Button press level Three-position DIP switches allow you to pull up or pull down the buttons in each input/output group.
Port headers Two male IDC10 port headers are available for each input/output group one row of headers on the bottom edge, one row on the right edge of the board.
Oscilloscope GND pins Three GND pins are available on the board for easy connection to GND reference when using oscilloscope probes.

Software Examples

The included DVD-ROM contains the following example software, both as ready-to-load compiled code and as source code written in C, BASIC and Pascal. The source codes provide detailed explanatory comments.
  • ADC demo, displaying results on PORTG and PORTH.
  • Button press demo, toggles LEDs on PORTH.
  • Simple calculator demo for touchscreen.
  • CAN demos
  • Simple I2C demo, writing one byte on 24C02 EEPROM then reading it and displaying on PORTE.
  • Advanced I2C demo, initializing, writing to and reading 24C02 EEPROM, displaying via UART.
  • Joystick demo
  • LED curtain effect demo
  • Blinking LED demo
  • Demonstration of LM35 analog temperature sensor. Displays temperature on the TFT. (LM35 sold separately.)
  • Map application demo. Displays a world map. Touching continents opens up an information display.
  • Demonstrations of MMC/SD functions and library for reading/writing files and observing results through USART terminal.
  • Demonstration of communicating with VS1053B codec. Reads MP3 file from MMC and sends it to VS1053B for decoding and playback.
  • Demonstration of DS18x20 digital temperature sensor, prints results on TFT. (DS18x20 sold separately.)
  • Demonstration of Serial Flash usage (chip erase, read Flash ID, read/write a byte, read/write an array).
  • Demonstration of game graphic interfaces. Use a touch-joypad to move a ball through a maze with obstacles.
  • Demonstration of using sound library to play tones on the piezo buzzer.
  • Demonstration of TFT display elements.
  • Demonstrations of UART libraries via loopback interface. Data sent to ARM through UART are sent back.
  • HID demos (Interrupt and Polling methods), establishes connection with HID terminal on PC. Characters typed on the PC are echoed back.

Package Contents

  • EasyMx PRO v7 for Tiva C Series Board
  • USB cable
  • DVD-ROM with documentation and code examples
  • Printed documentation

Tiva C Series Development Board Resources

Expansion Modules

There are more than 200 add-on boards you can find in the mikroElektronika Accessory Boards category, some of which connect directly to the IDC10 port expansion headers, and some which must be wired up. See also the mikroBUS Category for plug-and-play expansion modules that utilize the mikroBUS sockets on this board.

Changing the CPU

You can get an extra CPU module or an alternative CPU header module using the add-on options below. If you have a specific other Tiva C microcontroller that you want to use, empty MCU cards are available for you to assemble with your own MCU and components.

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Ethernet Cable, CAT5E 350MHz Unshielded, 7ft.+ US$3.60
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Power Supply 3-12V DC, U.S. plug, 6 connection tips+ US$11.00
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This product was added to our catalog on Tuesday 15 July, 2014.


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