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LPC4357 Development Board, USB-H, 2x CAN, RS485, Audio, Ethernet US$145.00

LPC4357 Development Board, USB-H, 2x CAN, RS485, Audio, Ethernet

  • NXP LPC4357FET256 ARM Cortex-M4/M0 dual-core processor, 204 MHz
  • 32MB SDRAM, 2MB Nor Flash, 4MB SPI Flash
  • Ethernet, CAN, USB Host/OTG, UART, RS485, Audio
  • Ships with example code for Keil MDK
  • Optional 4.3" (480272) or 7" (800480) touchscreen LCD available
  • The MYD-LPC4357 is a full-featured development board with an NXP LPC4357FET256 ARM Cortex-M4 processor running at 204 MHz. The board integrates all core components, memory, interfaces and tested software source code, enabling you to create a reliable prototype.

    The LPC4357 processor has on-chip 1MB Flash, 136KB SRAM for code and data use, two 32KB SRAM blocks with separate bus access, 32KB ROM containing boot code and on-chip software drivers, and 32-bit OTP memory for customer use. The MYD-LPC4357 board adds 32MB SDRAM, 2MB Nor Flash and 4MB SPI Flash. Peripheral interfaces on board include High-speed USB Host/OTG, audio input/output, 10/100Mbps Ethernet, CAN, JTAG, LCD Module, UART, MicroSD and user GPIO pins. The CPU provides a State Configurable Timer, Serial General-Purpose I/O, and SPI Flash Interface.

    See the NXP LPC4357FET256 Page for a datasheet and other documentation on the CPU.

    LPC4357 Development Board Features

    • NXP LPC4357FET256 ARM Cortex-M4 CPU with ARM Cortex-M0 asymmetrical co-processor, operating at 204 MHz
    • CPU has 1MB Flash, 136KB SRAM for code/data, two 32KB SRAM blocks, 32KB bootcode ROM, and 32-bit OTP memory
    • Board adds 32MB SDRAM, 2MB Nor Flash, 4MB SPI Flash
    • Board size: 115 90 mm, 4-layer PCB
    • Power supply: 5V @ 2A
    • Debug interface: 20-pin, 2.54mm standard JTAG
    • Operating Temperature: 0 to 70 C (industrial range of -40 to +85 C is available for large orders; contact us with your requirements)
    • 3.5mm audio jacks one input; one stereo output
    • 24-bit RGB TFT LCD interface, 480272 to 1024768
    • UART0 and UART3 available through DB9 interface
    • UART2 available via extension header (use external MAX3232)
    • High-speed USB Host jack
    • mini-USB OTG jack
    • Ethernet port with RJ45 jack
    • 2x CAN
    • RS485 interface (shared with UART1)
    • Trim potentiometer for ADC
    • LM75 temperature sensor
    • Battery holder for RTC backup
    • Reset button and four user buttons
    • Six user LEDs
    • Extension pins for 8x ADC, 1x DAC, 1x SPI, 2x I2C, 20x GPIO

    LPC4357 Development Board Software

    The following demos are provided. Source code for Keil MDK is included.

    Items Name Description
    ADCAdc_BurstADC conversion under Burst Mode
    Adc_DmaADC conversion via DMA
    Adc_InterruptADC conversion under interrupt mode
    Adc_PollingADC conversion under polling mode
    ATIMERAtimer_WicAlarm Timer wakes up system
    BOOTFASTFast_Gpio_LedBlinkyBlinking LED by system working at 204MHz
    CCANCCan_SimpleTxRxCAN communication (Connect CAN0 and CAN1)
    Cortex-M4CortexM4_BitbandCortex-M4 bit field test
    CortexM4_MpuMPU test
    CortexM4_PrivilegeSwitch privilege and non-privilege mode
    DUALCOREInt_DemoCommunication between M4 and M0
    Mbx_DemoCommunication between M4 and M0
    Queue_DemoCommunication between M4 and M0
    EMACEmac_EasyWebDemonstrate running web application
    EMCEmc_NorFlashExternal Nor Flash read/write test
    Emc_SdramExternal SDRAM read/write test
    GPDMAGpdma_Flash2RamGDMA testing, from Flash to RAM
    Gpdma_LinkListUse GPDMA Link-list
    Gpdma_Ram2RamGPDMA, RAM to RAM
    GPIOGpio_LedBlinkyGPIO driver LED blinking
    I2CI2c_MasterRead/write UDA1380 via I2C
    I2SI2s_AudioOutput audio via I2S
    LCDLcd_DemoDisplay color streak; icon moved by touch
    NVICNvic_PrioritiesConfigure NVIC priority level
    Test tail-chaining/late-arriving interrupt mode
    Nvic_VectorTableRelocationVector table relocation
    OTPOTP_APIOTP downloading test
    Board can only boot from running code; be careful!
    PWRPwr_DeepPowerDownFall into deep sleep mode and wake up from RTC
    Pwr_DeepSleepFall into deep sleep mode and wake up from WIC
    Pwr_PowerDownWake up by EVRT from power down mode
    Pwr_SleepWake up by WIC from sleep mode
    RITRit_InterruptDriver LED by RIT timer interrupt
    RTCRtc_AlarmGenerate 1min and 30s alarm interrupt
    Rtc_CalibrationCalibrate RTC
    SDIOsdio_readwriteSD Card read/write test
    SPIFISPIFI_TestRead/write external SPIFI Flash
    SSPSsp_MasterSSP transfer data as host
    Ssp_SlaveSSP transfer data as slave
    TIMERTimer_CaptureTimer capture
    Timer_FreqMeasureTimer frequency measurement
    Timer_MatchInterruptTimer interrupt test
    Timer_MatchPollingTimer match polling
    UARTUart_AutobaudUART auto-baud test
    Uart_DmaUART data via DMA test
    Uart_InterruptUART interrupt
    Uart_PollingUART polling test
    Uart_Rs485MasterRS485 host test
    Uart_Rs485SlaveRS485 slave test
    USBDEVUsb_CdcUSB virtual COM port
    Usb_MassStorageRead/write mass storage memory
    USBDEV_ROMUsb_CompositeRead/write USB composite device
    (Mass Storage, HID, DFU)
    Usb_DfuDevice Firmware Upgrade
    Usb_HidWriting USB HID device
    Usb_MassStorageWriting USB Mass Storage
    WDTWdt_InterruptInterrupt by WTD at set time

    LPC4357 Development Board Package Contents

    • MYD-LPC4357 Board
    • Ethernet cable
    • mini-USB cable
    • Serial port cable
    • DVD-ROM with schematic, user manual, BSPs and source code

    LPC4357 Development Board Resources

    Ships from: China
    Lead time: 1 week

    The options below allow you to add an LCD touchscreen to your order.

    Available Options:
    LCD Display:

    This product was added to our catalog on Thursday 18 July, 2013.


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