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mikroPascal PRO for Cortex-M0/M3/M4/M7 Compiler/IDE, USB Dongle US$299.00

mikroPascal PRO for Cortex-M0/M3/M4/M7 Compiler/IDE, USB Dongle

mikroPascal is a full-featured Pascal compiler that is available for seven different microcontroller architectures (in this case, for ARM Cortex-M0, ARM Cortex-M3, ARM Cortex-M4 and ARM Cortex-M7). Pascal is a popular programming language that encapsulates strong data types, very nice syntax, and has probably the best balance between simplicity and control. mikroPascal features an intuitive IDE with docking support, a powerful compiler, an advanced text editor, lots of hardware and software libraries, and additional tools that will help you in your work. The compiler comes with a comprehensive Help file (700 pages) and lots of ready-to-use examples designed to get you started in no time.

Each compiler license includes free upgrades and tech support for the lifetime of the product. The software features a Live Update service so you can get new features and improvements instantly.

The mikroPascal PRO for ARM compiler supports over 850 ARM Cortex-M0/M3/M4/M7 microcontrollers (Stellaris, Tiva and STM32 only). Newly released Stellaris, Tiva and STM32 microcontrollers will be supported by new versions of the compiler software that is updated regularly.

The compiler is designed to be smart and efficient, so you can rely on it to do the hard work. It features SSA optimizations that can reduce your code size up to 40 percent.

mikroPascal PRO for ARM Pascal Compiler Features

Single-click Debugging

mikroPascal PRO for ARM has native support for hardware step-by-step debugging when used with the fast USB 2.0 mikroProg for Tiva (previously called mikroProg for Stellaris) or mikroProg for STM32 programmers (in both on-board and standalone versions) as well as the J-Link and ST-LINK/V2. The debugging module supports Step-over, Step-into, Step-out, Run, and Run-to-Cursor operations. Also, the debugger supports standard and advanced breakpoints.

Faster, better, more productive

mikroPascal PRO for ARM comes equipped with fully functional software tools that can boost your efficiency and do the job for you, so you can be more productive in your work: LCD Custom Character Tool, GLCD Bitmap Editor, Seven-Segment Editor, UART Terminal, UDP Terminal, HID Terminal, ASCII Chart, Active Comments Editor, Interrupt Assistant, Advanced Statistics and more.

Design. Develop. Share.

The compiler easily becomes your GLCD and TFT GUI design studio when used with Visual GLCD and Visual TFT additional software. Even total beginners will be able to create amazing GUIs. The Drag-and-drop development environment of those programs ensures that you spend less time programming, allowing you to focus on functionality and design. If you need custom characters in your code, or you want to use your favorite font in your GLCD applications, use the free GLCD Font Creator software. Distribute your projects with the free Package Manager software and your end users will have powerful single-click package extraction and installation of your code.

mikroPascal PRO for ARM IDE Features

Library Manager

Only mikroPascal offers the unique mechanism to use any available library in your project easily. Special OneClick technology allows you to speed up your development. There's no need for dozens of uses directives just click on the checkboxes of the libraries you need and they will be available in your code instantly. The Library Manager is programmed to allow easy usage of third-party libraries installed with Package Manager software.

Edit Project

Edit Project gives you a full overview of the entire set of configuration bits in each chip, but also leaves you no room for error. Select only among listed options, described in plain English. Edit Project includes predefined schemes of oscillator settings for most widely used microcontrollers. Simply load your desired scheme, and you're ready to go.

Code Assistant

CTRL-SPACE is probably the most widely used shortcut. It initiates Code Assistant the programmer's first-aid kit. You won't need to memorize function names. Focus on your code, and let the syntax write itself correctly. Write function calls with one tap of the keyboard. Code Assistant in mikroPascal PRO for ARM also suggests correct names of constants, URLs, Active Comments, and variables, so you have it all covered. You don't ever have to get another Syntax Error message. It also will show you the function that a pointer refers to.

Interrupt Assistant

ARM Cortex-M0/M3/M4/M7 microcontrollers have a complex interrupt system. mikroPascal makes it simple. CTRL+ALT+I initiates your guide to writing correct interrupt handlers. Just choose among suggested values and you will have a working interrupt in no time.

Parameter Assistant

Many functions; even more parameters. Was it word, or byte? You don't have to scroll through the Help file. Just hit CTRL+SHIFT+SPACE, and the function parameters will be listed for you.

Project Explorer

Don't waste your time browsing for examples; let them come to you. The Project Explorer window leads you to your projects. It displays all of the compiler's many included examples by default. Simply point the path to any other folder, and a fast recursion-search algorithm will extract all projects inside and will display a tree view of your project files up to any depth. Double-click opens the project and sets it as active. Easily switch between the projects as often as you want, and you will have stable RAM consumption.

Active Comments

Active Comments are a unique feature of mikroPascal PRO for ARM. Any comment can become your multimedia event hook. Add images, files and URLs to any active comment, and assign events as you like. Right Mouse Click can open a browser with a URL; Mouse Over can display an image; Double Click can open a specified file.

Quick Converter

Use the Quick Converter to turn binary, float, HEX and Radix 1.15 formats into formats you need in your code. It even displays ASCII values of your bytes.

Built-in Tools

mikroPascal PRO for ARM offers you several useful integrated tools that will help you get the job done with minimum effort. Built-in tools include: Active Comment Editor, ASCII chart, Export Code To HTML Tool, GLCD Bitmap Editor, HID Terminal, Interrupt Assistant, LCD Custom Character, Seven Segment Editor, UDP Terminal, USART Terminal, USB HID Bootloader.

Code Folding

When your code outgrows the size of your screen, it's always better to fold those completed blocks, and work in a more clear surrounding. This way you always can see the big picture.

Software Simulator

If you want to go through your code and monitor the values of your variables, searching for bugs and errors, then Software Simulator is the best way to do so. Software Simulator supports the same debugging modes as mikroICD, but instead of executing the code on real hardware, it simulates code flow on your PC. Using Watch Clock, you can measure the code execution time precisely in microseconds or in clock cycles.

Advanced Statistics

After you build your project, you always can look under the hood with mikroPascal's Advanced Statistics. It is a powerful tool that shows you the most important information about your project graphically. Take a look at your variables, arrays and constants, and know how much memory your program consumes. See which function is calling which in the functions tree window. See how big your functions are and how they are linked in memory, which is important if you want to write your own bootloader applications.

mikroPascal PRO for ARM Library Routines

mikroPascal PRO for ARM includes a set of libraries and examples intended to facilitate your work, including over 500 library functions. Libraries are fully documented and allow a quick start in programming microcontrollers. Browse through the supplied examples and learn how to utilize ARM Cortex-M0/M3/M4/M7 MCUs with minimum code and effort.

See the mikroPascal PRO for ARM Libraries Page for detailed descriptions and examples of most of the built-in libraries. Download additional libraries: USB Device, USB Host, FAT32, FT800, Network WiFi, Network Ethernet.

mikroPascal PRO for ARM Resources

mikroPascal PRO for ARM Software License

Download mikroPascal PRO for ARM v4.70 free of charge (then use Help→Check for updates to get the absolute latest version). It runs on Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 and 10. The software will function as a demo version with a 8192-byte code size limit. With your purchase, you will receive a USB Dongle that will remove that limitation while it is plugged into your PC. This option is ideal if you will be using the software on multiple computers. Note that there is a 1-week lead time for the dongle.

Alternatively, you can purchase the software with the license key code option.

This product was added to our catalog on Monday 10 September, 2012.


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