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8051/AVR/PIC Experimental Board, W78E052DDG MCU, Circuit Blocks US$240.00

8051/AVR/PIC Experimental Board, W78E052DDG MCU, Circuit Blocks

The uP-2 development system includes an 8051 CPU, and can support some AVR (AT90S) and PIC (PIC16F8xx) microcontrollers as well. The platform has a flexible design. Each CPU function has its own circuit block, making it easy to focus on individual tasks. You can combine the included example codes or designated topic circuit for your own project. The uP-2 is a great platform for learning about microcontrollers.

The board measures 316 222 21 mm and contains several circuit blocks ready to use (see below). It also has a 385-hole prototyping area where you can add your own circuit. The uP-2 allows you to learn common uses of an 8051 microcontroller, and features in-system programming so you don't need any extra hardware. A 9V, 500mA power supply (U.S. plug) is included, though the board supports other power supply options as well.

8051/AVR/PIC Development Board Circuit Blocks

Each circuit block on the board is numbered on the silkscreen. Extension headers are provided to facilitate connection between blocks, and plenty of connection wires are included to make those connections.
1. MCS-51/AVR IC socket 20- and 40-pin DIP sockets for 8051-compatible 80, 87, 89 microcontrollers, as well as AT90S. A Nuvoton W78E052DDG 8051-compatible MCU is included. Block has a Reset button and standalone UART and SPI pins.
2. PIC socket 20- and 40-pin DIP sockets for PIC16F8xx microcontrollers. Block has a Reset button.
3. USB-UART interface Uses a PL2303 to create a virtual COM port.
4. EPROM, SRAM and SEEPROM circuit Contains 93C46 and 24C02 Serial EEPROMs, plus 40-pin sockets for 27C040 EPROM/Flash and HM628128 SRAM.
5. 8 LED output x 2 Four sets of four LEDs in alternating red/yellow/green order (6x red, 6x yellow, 4x green in total).
6. 7-segment display Uses a 7447 device for output to six 7-segment LED digits.
7. Button and switch Block features an 8-pin DIP switch and four pushbuttons that you can use for input testing.
8. 1616 two-color LED matrix Rows 1 through 8 are green LEDs; rows 9 through 16 are red LEDs. Jumpers allow you to select 1616, 168 or 88 display mode.
9. System power supply Besides using the included 9V supply plugged into the barrel connector, this block has a two-pin connector also for 9V input (both 9V inputs go through an IC7805 voltage regulator). You also can power the system with 5V directly through the extension pins.
10. LCD interface and prototyping area Two different interface options. This section also includes the large prototyping area where you can build your own circuit.
11. Motor driver This block includes a 5V+ stepper motor driver with 500mA ground current, and screw terminal blocks to connect motors.
12. 82C55+Buzzer An 82C55 I/O extender and a piezo buzzer.
13. Decoder A 74LS138 decoder/demultiplexer.
14. Keypad A 44 matrix keypad.
17. Photocoupler This circuit includes four inputs and four outputs through a PC817 photocoupler. Input signal can reach 30V DC. Output can use less than 0.3A load.
18. A/D Uses an ADC0804 analog-to-digital converter. Direct referring voltage is VCC/2. Inputs are ADIN1 and ADIN2. Range is 0V to +5V.
19. D/A Uses an A7528 dual digital-to-analog converter. Direct referring voltage is VCC/2. Outputs are OUT-A and OUT-B.
20. Relays Four relays. Relay circuit can drive 110V AC and can provide N.C. point. Screw terminals provided for connections.
21. Op Amp An LM324 operational amplifier. Power must be supplied from outside of V+ and V-.
22. RS232 interface Complete RS232 signal through DB9F connector, or UART1 signal through 4-pin connector.
23. LPT interface A 16-pin connector provides the complete signal. A 74LS244 is used for buffering and creating serial interface (SPI).
(Note: No sections are numbered 15 or 16, hence their omission in the list.)

8051/AVR/PIC Development Board Software

The board comes with plenty of experiments both in hex code and in C and/or Assembly source code and as projects for Keil. Drivers for Windows, Mac and Linux are provided. The example code experiments cover the following:
  • LED
  • Push button
  • Single and dual Traffic Light control
  • "Neon" lamp
  • Extended program memory
  • Extended data memory
  • Extended EEPROM recode data
  • 16x16 double color dot matrix display, character/graph
  • 6 digits dynamic 7 segment display LCD circuit (need to connect an LCD)
  • Step motor driver circuit (need connect to an external motor)
  • Relay control 44 matrix keypad scan circuit
  • Press button circuit
  • Touch switch read and set
  • Timer
  • Password key
  • Electronic piano
  • Counter
  • A/D and D/A conversion
  • 8255 I/O extension
  • Multi I/O decode
  • Serial Peripheral Interface
  • Printer interface
  • USB interface
  • USB transfer to RS232
  • OPTO input & output

8051/AVR/PIC Development Board Package Contents

  • Main board with W78E052DDG 8051 microcontroller
  • Four 8-pin cables
  • Four 4-pin cables
  • Eight 2-pin cables
  • USB cable
  • 9V DC power supply (110V AC, U.S. plug)
  • CD-ROM with documentation, schematics, example code, drivers, programming software
See the Optional Recommended Products list below for add-on modules that can extend your usage of this board, including an in-circuit emulator and a kit with motor, fan and sensor modules.

Download the CD-ROM contents to see all the example code, schematics, drivers, ISP software, etc., that are included with this board.

Lead time: 1 week

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This product was added to our catalog on Thursday 26 July, 2012.


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