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All-in-one Development Board for AVR, 8051, PIC, ARM, Arduino US$260.00

All-in-one Development Board for AVR, 8051, PIC, ARM, Arduino

The Embedded Engineer's Development Tool 6.0 is multi-microcontroller development board. It includes an Atmel ATmega32 AVR microcontroller (mounted), an NXP P89V51RD2 8051 microcontroller (provided as a loose spare), an NXP LPC2138 ARM microcontroller (soldered), a Microchip PIC16F873A microcontroller (mounted), and an ATmega328 with the Arduino bootloader installed (mounted). Other microcontrollers and architectures are supported as well. In-circuit programmers are included.

All-in-one Development Board Supported Devices

  • 8051: AT89S51, AT89S52, P89V51RD2
  • AVR: ATmega8, ATmega168, ATmega328, ATmega16, ATmega32, ATmega8515, ATmega8535, ATmega48, ATmega88, ATmega162, ATmega164, ATmega324, ATmega644, ATmega1284
  • PIC: PIC16F873A (and pin compatible), PIC18F452 (and pin compatible), PIC18F4550 (and pin compatible)
  • ARM: LPC2138, LPC2148
  • Arduino: ATmega328 for Duemilanove/Uno version, ATmega168 for Diecimila version, ATmega8 for NG version

All-in-one Development Board Features

The EEDT 6.0 Development board includes the following sections numbered on the PCB:
  • Sec-1: Seven-Segment Display — Four multiplexed
  • Sec–2: Variable resistance for Analog Input — Three separate presets
  • Sec-3: Pulled down Push-to-On Switches — Eight switches
  • Sec-4: Pulled up Push-to-On Switches — Eight switches
  • Sec-5: Matrix keypad of 4x4 keys — Total 16 keys
  • Sec-6: I2C-Based Real-time clock (DS1307), EEPROM (24C256) & Digital-to-Analog converter (MCP4725)
  • Sec-7: Socket for ATTiny13 and pin-compatible AVR microcontrollers
  • Sec-8: Socket for PIC16F873A and pin-compatible PIC microcontrollers (PIC16F873A mounted)
  • Sec-9: Socket for ATmega8 / ATmega168 and pin-compatible AVR microcontrollers
  • Sec-10: Socket for PIC18F4550 / PIC18F452 and pin-compatible PIC microcontrollers
  • Sec-11: 16x2 LCD Interface. LCD is mounted on the board. Same place can be used for 20x4 LCD
  • Sec-12: Pre-soldered ARM7 LPC2138 microcontroller
  • Sec-13: Socket for P89V51RD2 (8051 family) microcontroller or for ATmega8515 AVR and pin-compatible microcontrollers. Set Reset pin Jumper to Vcc when using 8051 family microcontroller; Set it to Gnd for AVR.
  • Sec-14: High Current Driver based on ULN2803 — Use it to drive stepper motors and seven-segment displays
  • Sec-15: Socket for ATTiny2313 and pin-compatible AVR microcontrollers
  • Sec-16: Socket for ATTiny26 and pin-compatible AVR microcontrollers
  • Sec-17: Socket for ATmega16 / ATmega32 / ATmega8535 and pin-compatible AVR microcontrollers (populated with ATmega32)
  • Sec-18: Implementation of Arduino Duemilanove platform
  • Sec-19: DC Motor driver (L293D)
  • Sec-20: Bank of 8 LEDs
  • Sec-21: SPI EEPROM AT93C46
  • Sec-22: Collection of sensors and other interfaces — Temperature sensor (LM35), LDR light sensor (analog output), Infrared (IR) sensor with comparator (digital output), 38KHz IR receiver (TSOP1738), IR Transmitter, Buzzer
  • Sec-23: USB-to-TTL converter interface (FT232R) — This is used for Arduino as well as a standalone USB-to-TTL interface. Jumper settings required.
  • Sec-24: Micro SD Card — Can be interfaced with 3.3V I/Os or with 5V I/Os. Jumper settings required.
  • Sec-25: ENC28J60-based Ethernet interface via SPI. Use it to create web-enabled applications.
  • Sec-26: RS232-to-TTL converter interface (MAX232).
  • Sec-27: Power supply section which includes 5V and 3.3V regulation. Wall-mount DC adapter that can source 500mA or higher at 9V DC is suitable. Exceeding input voltage may heat the on-board Voltage regulator ICs.

The EEDT6.0 includes the following programmers (all are ISP/ICSP):

  • USB Programmer for AVR — EvUSBasp — External ISP programmer connects to USB port of your PC and ISP programming header on the EEDT6.0. This programmer uses proprietary software (does not use Atmel Studio). You can use any of the tools listed on the USBasp homepage.
  • USB Programmer for P89V51RD2 and LPC2138 (and compatible from NXP) — EM-P-NXP — External programmer connects to USB port of your PC and programming header on the EEDT6.0. This programmer is based on FlashMagic.
  • Serial-port Programmer for PIC — DR-PIC-ICSP — External programmer connects to serial port on a PC or laptop and ICSP header on the EEDT6.0. Your computer must have an RS232 serial port; USB-to-Serial converters will not work. This programmer is based on IC-Prog/PICPgm.

All-in-one Development Board Package Contents

  • EEDT6.0 Hardware board
  • USB programmer for P89V51RD2, LPC2138 and compatible NXP microcontrollers
  • Serial programmer for PIC microcontrollers, with attached 6-pin ICSP cable
  • USB programmer for AVR
  • USB A-B cable
  • LAN (Ethernet) crossover cable
  • 10-pin ribbon cable attachment for AVR programmer
  • Female-to-Female 6-pin cable for PIC programmer
  • 40 Female-to-Female single-pin connector wires, 30cm each
  • Spares: 4MHz & 16MHz crystal — 1 Each
  • Spares: 22pF disc capacitors — Qty 2
  • Spares: P89V51RD2 microcontroller

All-in-one Development Board Resources

EEDT6.0 Tutorials

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This product was added to our catalog on Thursday 27 January, 2011.


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