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AT91SAM9G20 (ARM9) Board, 2x USB Device, USB Host, Ethernet, uSD US$55.00

AT91SAM9G20 (ARM9) Board, 2x USB Device, USB Host, Ethernet, uSD

The FOX Board G20 is a "ready-to-run" Embedded Linux System perfect to use as a mini web server, network device or as a core module for your own embedded devices. A fully Open Source environment is available to customize and build your own kernel image or to develop user applications using standard GNU tools. The Fox Board G20 features a Atmel AT91SAM9G20 ARM9 CPU with 8MB of serial DataFlash, 64MB of SDRAM and up to 8GB of microSD Flash (microSD card not included).

The FOX Board G20 includes:

  • Netus G20, Atmel AT91SAM9G20 ARM9 CPU module
  • Netus PS1 regulated power supply module (built in)
  • CR1220 RTC battery not included

FOX Board G20 Embedded Linux System Features

FOX Board G20 is a Single Board Computer built around the Atmel AT91SAM9G20 ARM9 core based microcontroller running at 400MHz.

Thousands of applications can be installed on the FOX Board G20 thanks to the ARM9 version of the most popular Linux distributions: Debian, Ubuntu, Gentoo, OpenWRT, OpenEmbedded and full support for a huge set of popular program languages like C, C++, Python, Perl, Java, PHP, Tcl, etc.

Two 40-pin expansion sockets with 2.54mm pin spacing are available to connect the board to add-on boards. On these pins 3.3 Volt signals are available which can be used to implement RS232/RS485/RS422, I2C, SPI, GPIO, A/D and PWM interfaces.

  • Designed around the Netus G20 ARM9 400MHz CPU module
  • Two USB 2.0 host ports (12 Mbits per second)
  • One Ethernet 10/100 port
  • One USB device port (12 Mbits per second)
  • One debug serial port (3.3v)
  • Two serial ports (3.3v)
  • One serial port for 4D Systems OLED displays
  • On-board microSD socket (up to 8GB)
  • DC power supply input (4V ... 5.5V stabilized DC voltage supply required)
  • Real Time Clock with on-board lithium backup battery
  • GPIO lines (3.3v)
  • 4 A/D converter lines
  • I2C
  • SPI
  • Quad power supply Netus PS1 module on-board. This module provides the different DC voltages required by the AT91SAM9G20 CPU
  • Full mechanical compatibility with the FOXCASE enclosure.
  • Fully compatible with FOXGM2 GSM Modem & GPS Module Carrier, PROTO-1 and PROTO-2 boards.

Note: The FOX Board G20 does not work without a microSD card that contains the rootFS. A microSD card with rootFS card is not included. It can be ordered as an optional add-on option at the bottom of this page.



FOX Board G20 pinouts

J7 extension port

Pin # Pin name Description
J7.1 GND Signal ground
J7.2 GND Signal ground
J7.3 PB18 General purpose I/O
J7.4 PB19 General purpose I/O
J7.5 PB16 General purpose I/O
J7.6 PB17 General purpose I/O
J7.7 PB2 General purpose I/O
J7.8 PB3 General purpose I/O
J7.9 PB0 General purpose I/O
J7.10 PB1 General purpose I/O
J7.11 PC14 General purpose I/O (1.8V)
J7.12 PC15 General purpose I/O (1.8V)
J7.13 PC12 General purpose I/O (1.8V)
J7.14 PC13 General purpose I/O (1.8V)
J7.15 PC9 General purpose I/O (1.8V)
J7.16 PC10/CTS3 Serial ttyS4 Clear to send line (1.8V)
J7.17 PC7 Red led line (1.8V)
J7.18 PC8/RTS3 Serial ttyS4 Request to send line (1.8V)
J7.19 PC5 General purpose I/O (1.8V)
J7.20 PC6 Reserved line. This line is used to read if the client USB port is wired to a PC
J7.21 PB9/RXD2 Serial ttyS3 TXD line used with 4D system oLED
J7.22 PB8/TXD2 Serial ttyS3 RXD line used with 4D system oLED
J7.23 BATT RTC Battery input
J7.24 PGD Power good NetusPS1
J7.25 POK 3.3V NetusPS1 aux output stable
J7.26 SHDNPS# PS1 shutdown. Active low
J7.27 NRST Reset output
J7.28 SHDN# Turn off the CPU when low
J7.29 5V 5 volt power line
J7.30 WAKEUP Wake up input
J7.31 PB23/DCD0 Serial ttyS1 Data carrier detect line
J7.32 PB22/DSR0 Serial ttyS1 Data set ready line
J7.33 PB25/RI0 Serial ttyS1 Ring indicator
J7.34 PB24/DTR0 Serial ttyS1 Data terminal ready indicator
J7.35 PA28 General purpose I/O
J7.36 PA27 General purpose I/O
J7.37 PA26 General purpose I/O
J7.38 PA25 General purpose I/O
J7.39 3.3V 3.3 volt DC power line
J7.40 3.3V 3.3 volt DC power line

J6 extension port

Pin # Pin name Description
J6.1 3V3 3.3 volt DC power line
J6.2 3V3 3.3 volt DC power line
J6.3 PB28/RTS1 Serial ttyS2 Request to send line
J6.4 PB7/RXD1 Serial ttyS2 RXD line
J6.5 PB6/TXD1 Serial ttyS2 TXD line
J6.6 PB29/CTS1 Serial ttyS2 Clear to send line
J6.7 PB26/RTS0 Serial ttyS1 Request to send line
J6.8 PB5/RXD0 Serial ttyS1 RXD line
J6.9 PB4/TXD0 Serial ttyS1 TXD line
J6.10 PB27/CTS0 Serial ttyS1 Clear to send line
J6.11 N.C. (See the schematic)
J6.12 +5V 5 volt DC power live
J6.13 PB11/RXD3 Serial ttyS4 RXD line
J6.14 PB10/TXD3 Serial ttyS4 TXD line
J6.15 PB13/RXD5 Serial ttyS6 RXD line
J6.16 PB12/TXD5 Serial ttyS6 TXD line
J6.17 PB21 General purpose I/O
J6.18 PB20 General purpose I/O
J6.19 PB31 General purpose I/O
J6.20 PB30 General purpose I/O
J6.21 PA31/TXD4 Serial ttyS5 TXD line
J6.22 PA30/RXD4 Serial ttyS5 RXD line
J6.23 N.C. (See the schematic)
J6.24 PA6 General purpose I/O
J6.25 PA7 General purpose I/O
J6.26 PA9 General purpose I/O
J6.27 PC3/AD3 Analog input 3
J6.28 PC2/AD2 Analog input 2
J6.29 PC1/AD1 Analog input 1
J6.30 PC0/AD0 Analog input 0
J6.31 PA24/TWCK I2C Clock
J6.32 PA23/TWD I2C Data
J6.33 AVDD Clean 3.3V out for A/D circuitry
J6.34 VREF A/D voltage reference input
J6.35 AGND Analog ground
J6.36 PA10 General purpose I/O
J6.37 PA22 General purpose I/O
J6.38 PA11 General purpose I/O
J6.39 GND Ground signal
J6.40 GND Ground signal

J10 - Debug port

Pin # Pin name Description
J10.1 3V3 3.3 volt DC power line
J10.2 PA24/TWCK I2C Clock
J10.3 PB15/DTXD Serial TXD ttyS0 Debug port
J10.4 PB14/DRXD Serial RXD ttyS0 Debug port
J10.5 PA23/TWD I2C Data
J10.6 GND Ground signal

J16 - oLED port

Pin # Pin name Description
J16.1 5V 5 volt power line
J16.2 PB9/RXD2 Serial RXD line for 4D oLED TXD line (ttyS3)
J16.3 PB8/TXD2 Serial TXD line for 4D oLED RXD line (ttyS3)
J16.4 GND Ground signal
J16.5 Not connected

FOX Board LX832 vs FOX Board G20

Comparison between the FOX Board LX (left) and the FOX Board G20 (right).
FOX Board LX832 FOX Board G20
SDRAM 32MByte @ 16bit 50MHz 64MByte @ 32bit 133MHz 1)
Dataflash - 8MByte
Norflash 8MByte -
microSD - Up to 8GB
CPU Axis ETRAX 100LX Atmel AT91SAM9G20
CPU Clock 100MHz internal 400MHz internal
Real-Time Clock - Yes
RTC Backup battery - Yes
USB Host ports 2 x USB 1.1 2 x USB 2.0 (12Mb)
USB Client port - Yes
Debug port Yes Yes
Power consumption 220mA @ 5V 60mA @ 5V
AD channels - 4 x 10bit channels
PWM channels - Yes
I2C (TWI) SW 2) Yes 3)
SPI SW 2) Yes 3)
LCD - Connector for a 4D Systems oLED display
CCTV interface - ITU-R BT. 601/656
JTAG interface - Yes
UART 2 6
1) Mobile SDRAM with low-power capabilities 2) Implemented by software 3) Implemented in hardware

Mobile-to-Mobile Application

You can create a system with a GSM/GPRS modem by mounting the FOX Board G20 on the FOXGM2 M2M Carrier Board as shown on the right. See that page for details. Compatible Telit modems and an antenna are available from that page as well.

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2x20 Pin Headers and Sockets, 6 ea., 2.54mm pitch, 6mm and 12mm+ US$5.00

This product was added to our catalog on Friday 27 November, 2009.


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