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Atmel AVR C-Compiler (Imagecraft) US$249.00

Atmel AVR C-Compiler (Imagecraft)

Version 8

The Imagecraft ICCAVR Embedded Development Suite for Atmel AVR microcontrollers includes an ANSI C-compiler, relocatable assembler & linker, powerful and user-friendly CodeBlocks IDE, libraries, librarian, source code management and a make utility.

Comprehensive Target Support

  • ICCAVR supports all Atmel AVR AT90S, ATtiny (except those without SRAM or with only 16 registers), ATmega and ATxmega devices
  • Works with Imagecraft ICCtiny C-compiler for TinyAVR devices & AT90S1200
  • Modern IDE with code folding, workspace and project management, one-click access to function definitions, etc.
  • Easy to use: No need to write linker command files; select target device by name and the ICC tools do the rest
  • Powerful Application Builder for generating peripheral initialization code
  • Comprehensive target support such as CRC and production ELF file generation
  • ANSI C compiler with optimizations, Assembler, Linker, and debug support for Atmel Studio
  • Written from the ground up by ImageCraft not GCC
  • Strings may be placed in either SRAM or FLASH
  • Write interrupt handlers in C
  • Supports inline assembly, and can interface with assembly modules
  • Optimiszed byte instruction
  • Automatic generation of bit I/O instructions such as sbi, cbi, sbis, etc.
  • Flash memory access using keyboard without using library functions

Supported AVR devices

ICCAVR has header files and device selection for all known 8-bit AVR variants excluding those with only 16 registers and reduced instruction support (e.g. Tiny10). New device support is added regularly. The compiler supports all AVR devices even if they are not listed in the IDE Device Selection list. For most devices, the Application Builder part of the IDE allows you to generate peripheral initialization code via a point-and-click interface.

Powerful and User-Friendly IDE

  • Based on the powerful open-source cross-platform CodeBlocks (C::B) IDE
  • Workspace and project support
  • Advanced features such as symbol browsing, code folding, etc.
  • Full set of example programs
  • ImageCraft enhancements include GUI project options for target memory and other setup without manually writing linker option file etc.
  • Application Builder for generating peripheral initialization for select AVRs

Atmel AVR ANSI C compiler

  • Modern fast C Compiler with FULL support for the ANSI C language ISO C86 conformant with some C99 features
  • 32-bit longs, 32-bit IEEE single precision floating point
  • Command-line tools for user workflow integration
  • Optimizations

    • Device-specific instructions
    • Optimized switch handling
    • Algebraic simplifications
    • Block-level common subexpression elimination
    • Advanced register allocation
    • Peephole optimization

AVR Assembler / Linker

  • Relocatable Atmel AVR assembler and linker
  • Assembler directives include conditional processing, include files, macros and textual defines
  • Industry standard output formats; Intel HEX, AVR COFF, production ELF file

Debugger Support

  • Fully compatible with Atmel's AVR Studio, including data watchpoint; open .cof COFF output file for full debugging
  • Compilers produce listing files that are usable by most assembly-level debuggers using conversion programs


  • Subset of ANSI C library including printf, memory allocation, strings, and math functions
  • Target-specific functions such as those for accessing EEPROM and various subsystems (SPI, ADC, etc.)


  • Make utility
  • Librarian to manage library file


  • HTML help and PDF manual. A printed manual is available as an option (select below)

Third Party Tool Support

  • Command-line compilers callable from other editors / programs (e.g. Codewright)
  • Fully supported by the free Atmel Studio. Atmel Studio is the free Atmel software that provides an interface to the Atmel AVRISP, STK500, JTAG ICE, ICE MKII, etc., plus it includes simulators for the AVR devices. You build your project under ICC, open the .cof COFF file under Atmel Studio, and you get full C source code debugging.

Technical Support

  • Excellent technical support via email. Typical turnaround time is the same day!
  • Free 12 months maintenance update via internet download
  • Low-cost annual maintenance plan available (select below)

Three Versions Available

The ICCAVR is available for commercial use in Standard and Professional versions. Their features are outlined below (the lists are cumulative):
  • Standard ANSI C compiler for AVR code generation. IDE with Application Builder, editor, project manager, code browser and built-in ISP. Support for up to 64 KByte Flash programs. C structure debug info. Support for COFF debugging with AVR Studio. Help files in HTML and PDF.
  • Professional MIO Global Optimizer and "8-bit optimizations" which further reduces code size and runtime by 10-20%. 64-bit IEEE floating point support. MISRA checks. Cross-module type checking for function calls and data references.
There also is a low-cost Non-commercial Version available for students and hobbyists. By selecting that option, you agree that you will not use the product for any commercial uses, including but not limited to prototyping for potential products. The Non-commercial version has the same features as Standard.

USB Dongle Option

This compiler is tied to a single PC via a unique key generated for that machine. If you would like to use the license on different PCs, or just have peace of mind against ever needing to reformat your system, be sure to select the USB License Dongle option below.

After you order, please wait a few days for a license key and/or USB license dongle to be created and sent to you. However, you don't have to wait to use the software. Download it from the link below and you can begin using it immediately, as it is fully functional as the Standard version without a license for 45 days. After that it will continue to work but with a 4K code limit.

Download ICCV8 for AVR (EXE file). Without a purchase, you can try it out in full for non-commercial purposes for 45 days, after which time the code size will be limited to 4K.

Available Options:
Compiler Version:
1 Year Maintenance Plan:
Printed Manual:

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This product was added to our catalog on Tuesday 06 May, 2003.


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