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Electrical and Electronics Engineering Solution Educational Kit US$576.00

Electrical and Electronics Engineering Solution Educational Kit

  • A complete solution to learning
  • Includes component carriers, baseboard and power supply
  • Free worksheets supplied
  • Uses ANSI (American) or DIN (European) circuit symbols (choose via options below)
  • This kit, with its accompanying 70-page workbook, is intended to reinforce the learning that takes place in the classroom or lecture room for intermediate-level courses in Electrical and Electronic Principles. The 70-page workbook provides a series of practical activities and investigations that were designed originally to complement the BTEC syllabus used in Britain.

    Download a PDF of the 70-Page Workbook with Teacher's Notes

    Topics covered include:

    • Current and voltage measurement
    • Current and voltage dividers
    • Kirchoff's laws
    • Power in DC circuits
    • AC measurements
    • LR, CR, and LCR circuits
    • Transformers
    • Diode characteristics
    • Half- and full-wave rectifiers

    Further Electrical and Electronic Engineeing Solution Kit Contents

    • Trays with lid
    • 7 5 metric baseboard with 4mm pillars
    • Adjustable DC power supply
    • 3x MES bulbs, 12V, 0.1A
    • Carrier: Resistor, 1k, 1/4W, 5%
    • Carrier: Resistor, 2.2k, 1/4W, 5%
    • 2x Carriers: Resistor, 10k, 1/4W, 5%
    • Carrier: Resistor, 22k, 1/4W, 5%
    • Carrier: Resistor, 180 Ω, 1/2W, 5%
    • Carrier: Resistor, 270 Ω, 1/2W, 5%
    • Carrier: Resistor, 100 Ω, 1W, 5%
    • Carrier: Potentiometer, 250 Ω
    • Carrier: Diode, power, 1A, 50V
    • Carrier: Diode, germanium
    • Carrier: Bridge rectifier
    • 3x Carriers: Lampholder, MES
    • Carrier: Capacitor, 2,200 F, electrolytic, 25V
    • Carrier: Capacitor, 150 F, electrolytic, 25V
    • Carrier: Capacitor, 100 F, electrolytic, 25V
    • Carrier: Capacitor, 47 F, electrolytic, 25V
    • Carrier: Capacitor, 1,000 F, electrolytic, 30V
    • Carrier: Capacitor, 1 F, polyester
    • Carrier: Choke, 47mH
    • Carrier: Switch, push-to-make, metal strip
    • Carrier: Transformer, 1:1 turns ratio, retractable ferrite core
    • Carrier: Transformer, 2:1 turns ratio
    • Carrier: 400-turn Coil
    • Carrier: Ammeter, 0mA to 100mA
    • Carrier: Voltmeter, 0V to 15V
    • Carrier: Power Supply with battery symbol
    • Carrier: AC Voltage Source, barrel jack
    • 3x Carriers: AA Battery Holder
    • 12x Carriers: Connecting link
    • Small bar magnet
    • 2x Pair of leads, red and black, 600mm, 4mm to croc clip
    • 2x Leads, blue, 500mm, 4mm-to-4mm stackable
    • 2x Leads, yellow, 500mm, 4mm-to-4mm stackable
    • Curriculum CD-ROM
    • Locktronics User Guide

    Locktronics Overview

    Locktronics kits are designed to make the construction of electronic circuits as simple as copying a circuit diagram into an exercise book. No soldering or tools are necessary. The plastic component carriers (such as those shown to the right) each support either a discrete electronic component or a functionally distinct circuit building block. Connections between components are then made by simply slotting the carriers between the pillars of a baseboard. As there are only two sizes of component carrier, it is very easy to exchange one carrier for another in order to demonstrate the the effect on the circuit.

    The electronic components are usually visible on the underside of the carrier (unless this would compromise safety or circuit behavior), so students also learn the appearance of many common electronic components. Where it is necessary to interact with a circuit element (for example, light sensors), the component will be mounted above the carrier, but there will still be a circuit symbol printed alongside it.

    The top of every carrier is printed with the standard ANSI or DIN circuit symbol for the part(s) that it carries, so constructing a circuit simultaneously constructs that circuit's schematic, and vice versa. Component values are marked clearly using the relevant SI units.

    Some complex modules may require more connections than are available on a large carrier. In this case additional connections are made using 2mm sockets. With a few exceptions, it will be connections to the power source that will be made this way, in order to retain the clarity of the circuit schematic.

    Expand Your Kit with Add-on Packs

    You can cover additional subjects by purchasing these add-on packs that contain additional circuit components and relevant curriculum:

    Lead time: 1 week

    Available Options:
    Circuit Symbols:

    This product was added to our catalog on Wednesday 06 April, 2016.


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