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Stellaris ARM Cortex-M3/M4 In-Circuit Programmer, USB US$339.00

Stellaris ARM Cortex-M3/M4 In-Circuit Programmer, USB

The FlashPro-LM is an in-system programmer for the Stellaris range of ARM Cortex-M3/M4 microcontrollers from Texas Instruments / Luminary Micro. It comes with Windows software that supports serialization and script-file commands, plus a DLL and command-line interpreter for remote control from external software. A 14-to-20-pin adapter with ribbon cable is included as shown.

Stellaris In-Circuit Programmer Features

  • Full Speed USB 1.1 (12 Mb/s) communication interface.
  • Standard USB type B connector.
  • 14-pin header connector (20-pin adapter included).
  • Selectable Fast or Slow communication speed.
  • Up to 60 USB-FPA can be connected to one PC.
  • Supports Cortex M3 and Cortex M4 Stellaris MCUs from Texas Instruments / Luminary Micro.
  • User-defined programming sequence uses script file. No programming technique or language knowledge is required.
  • No code size limitations.
  • Security lock bit capability.
  • Target device can be powered from the programming adapter (programmable Vcc from 1.8V to 3.6V at 0.1V step, 200mA max) or from external source (1.8V to 3.6V).
  • Easy-to-use Windows-based software (both 32-bit and 64-bit Windows supported: Me, 2000, XP, Vista, 7).
  • Programmer accepts TI (*.txt), Motorola (*.s19, *.s28, *.s37) and Intel (*.hex) data files for programming.
  • Defined checksum calculation (Sum, CRC16, CRC32). Up to four CS banks can be specified.
  • Lock setup capability; useful in production.
  • Unique serial number assigning capability. Software package can assign and automatically increment the serial number, model type and revision. Serial Number with or without an automatically inserted current date can be stored in the Flash memory in HEX, BCD or ASCII format. The serial number can be assigned from the user-defined list in the file.
  • Log file capability allowing you to review information about the flashed target devices.
  • Multi-FPA API-DLL software package can control up to 60 FlashPro-LM FPAs (working simultaneously) from other programs. Using up to 60 FlashPro-LM FPAs, the programming time of the 60 target devices is almost the same as the programming time of single target devices programmed from one FPA. This is perfect for production usage.
  • Source code for the Multi-FPA API-DLL demo is written in Visual C++.net.
  • Programmer has been tested and found to comply with FCC and CE requirements (FCC Part 15 Subpart B; European CISPR 22 and EN 55022).
  • DC Power: +5V 20%, 100mA + target current (0-100mA). Powered via USB.
  • Dimensions: 76 43 20 mm (3.0 1.68 0.8 inches)

Stellaris In-Circuit Programmer Supported Devices

  • Cortex-M3 X00 Series: LM3S101, LM3S102, LM3S300, LM3S301, LM3S308, LM3S310, LM3S315, LM3S316, LM3S317, LM3S328, LM3S600, LM3S601, LM3S608, LM3S610, LM3S611, LM3S612, LM3S613, LM3S615, LM3S617, LM3S618, LM3S628, LM3S800, LM3S801, LM3S808, LM3S811, LM3S812, LM3S815, LM3S817, LM3S818, LM3S828

  • Cortex-M3 1000 Series: LM3S1110, LM3S1133, LM3S1138, LM3S1150, LM3S1162, LM3S1165, LM3S1166, LM3S1332, LM3S1435, LM3S1439, LM3S1512, LM3S1538, LM3S1601, LM3S1607, LM3S1608, LM3S1620, LM3S1621, LM3S1625, LM3S1626, LM3S1627, LM3S1635, LM3S1636, LM3S1637, LM3S1651, LM3S1751, LM3S1776, LM3S1811, LM3S1816, LM3S1850, LM3S1911, LM3S1918, LM3S1937, LM3S1958, LM3S1960, LM3S1968, LM3S1969, LM3S1B21, LM3S1C21, LM3S1C26, LM3S1C58, LM3S1D21, LM3S1D26, LM3S1F11, LM3S1F16, LM3S1G21, LM3S1G58, LM3S1H11, LM3S1H16, LM3S1J11, LM3S1J16, LM3S1N11, LM3S1N16, LM3S1P51, LM3S1R21, LM3S1R26, LM3S1W16, LM3S1Z16

  • Cortex-M3 2000 Series: LM3S2110, LM3S2139, LM3S2276, LM3S2410, LM3S2412, LM3S2432, LM3S2533, LM3S2601, LM3S2608, LM3S2616, LM3S2620, LM3S2637, LM3S2651, LM3S2671, LM3S2678, LM3S2730, LM3S2739, LM3S2776, LM3S2793, LM3S2911, LM3S2918, LM3S2939, LM3S2948, LM3S2950, LM3S2965, LM3S2B93, LM3S2D93, LM3S2U93

  • Cortex-M3 3000 Series: LM3S3634, LM3S3651, LM3S3654, LM3S3739, LM3S3748, LM3S3749, LM3S3826, LM3S3J26, LM3S3N26, LM3S3W26, LM3S3Z26

  • Cortex-M3 5000 Series: LM3S5632, LM3S5651, LM3S5652, LM3S5656, LM3S5662, LM3S5732, LM3S5737, LM3S5739, LM3S5747, LM3S5749, LM3S5752, LM3S5762, LM3S5791, LM3S5951, LM3S5956, LM3S5B91, M3S5C31, LM3S5C36, LM3S5C51, LM3S5C56, LM3S5D51, LM3S5D56, LM3S5D91, LM3S5G31, LM3S5G36, LM3S5G51, LM3S5G56, LM3S5K31, LM3S5K36, LM3S5P31, LM3S5P36, LM3S5P3B, LM3S5P51, LM3S5P56, LM3S5R31, LM3S5R36, LM3S5T36, LM3S5U91, LM3S5Y36

  • Cortex-M3 6000 Series: LM3S6100, LM3S6110, LM3S6420, LM3S6422, LM3S6432, LM3S6537, LM3S6610, LM3S6611, LM3S6618, LM3S6633, LM3S6637, LM3S6730, LM3S6753, LM3S6911, LM3S6918, LM3S6938, LM3S6950, LM3S6952, LM3S6965, LM3S6C11, LM3S6C65, LM3S6G11, LM3S6G65

  • Cortex-M3 8000 Series: LM3S8530, LM3S8538, LM3S8630, LM3S8730, LM3S8733, LM3S8738, LM3S8930, LM3S8933, LM3S8938, LM3S8962, LM3S8970, LM3S8971, LM3S8C62, LM3S8G62

  • Cortex-M3 9000 Series: LM3S9781, LM3S9790, LM3S9792, LM3S9971, LM3S9997, LM3S9B81, LM3S9B90, LM3S9B92, LM3S9B95, LM3S9B96, LM3S9BN2, LM3S9BN5, LM3S9BN6, LM3S9C97, LM3S9CN5, LM3S9D81, LM3S9D90, LM3S9D92, LM3S9D95, LM3S9D96, LM3S9DN5, LM3S9DN6, LM3S9G97, LM3S9GN5, LM3S9L71, LM3S9L97, LM3S9U81, LM3S9U90, LM3S9U92, LM3S9U95, LM3S9U96

  • Cortex-M4 F100 Series: LM4F110B2QR, LM4F110C4QR, LM4F110E5QR, LM4F110H5QR, LM4F111B2QR, LM4F111C4QR, LM4F111E5QR, LM4F111H5QR, LM4F112C4QC, LM4F112E5QC, LM4F112H5QC, LM4F112H5QD, LM4F120B2QR, LM4F120C4QR, LM4F120E5QR, LM4F120H5QR, LM4F121B2QR, LM4F121C4QR, LM4F121E5QR, LM4F121H5QR, LM4F122C4QC, LM4F122E5QC, LM4F122H5QC, LM4F122H5QD, LM4F130C4QR, LM4F130E5QR, LM4F130H5QR, LM4F131C4QR, LM4F131E5QR, LM4F131H5QR, LM4F132C4QC, LM4F132E5QC, LM4F132H5QC, LM4F132H5QD

  • Cortex-M4 F200 Series: LM4F210E5QR, LM4F210H5QR, LM4F211E5QR, LM4F211H5QR, LM4F212E5QC, LM4F212H5BB, LM4F212H5QC, LM4F212H5QD, LM4F230E5QR, LM4F230H5QR, LM4F231E5QR, LM4F231H5QR, LM4F232E5QC, LM4F232H5BB, LM4F232H5QC, LM4F232H5QD

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This product was added to our catalog on Tuesday 13 November, 2012.


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Male 5-pin, 3.81mm Terminal Block, right angle, PCB mount
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