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Microchip PIC16 Series C Tutorial CD-ROM US$108.80

Microchip PIC16 Series C Tutorial CD-ROM

This C for PICmicro microcontrollers CD-ROM is designed for those who need to learn how to program embedded microcontrollers in C. The CD contains a full course as well as all the software tools needed to create hex code for a wide range of PICmicro devices including a C compiler and an Integrated Development Environment (IDE).

The course is structured into two parts. The first concentrates on the fundamentals of C programming in a series of on-screen tutorials that make use of a virtual microcontroller simulator which allows you to see the effects on the chip, internal variables and registers as each line of C code executes. The second section develops your skills further through a series of lab tests and exercises using the Integrated Development Environment and compiler provided. Once you have developed sufficient expertise in C programming, you can use the software tools supplied on the CD for a wide range of projects.

This new version of the tutorial is compatible with both 32-bit and 64-bit Windows, including Windows 8.

PIC16 C Tutorial Features

  • A full course in C programming
  • Includes C compiler and IDE (compiler has a size-limited, non-commercial license; can be upgraded)
  • Includes virtual PICmicro MCU microcontroller simulations
  • Examples and exercises included

Contents of the 16 Series PIC C Training Course CD-ROM


About the course, Navigation, How to use this course, What is a PICmicro microcontroller?, the Virtual C PICmicro MCU, Sourceboost and Boost C, Development hardware


Conventional programs, Embedded programs, Writing programs, High and low level, High-level C, Low-level PICmicro MCU code, Getting your programs into a compiler, writing our programs

Compiling and running C programs

The Build process, Setting up the programmer, Starting the compiler, Compiling your program, Linking your program, Downloading your program, Program file locations, Project files, Using other PICmicro microcontrollers, Using pragma to configure the chip

Lab 1: Flashing lights
Lab 2: Switches and torches
Lab 3: Follow the leader
Lab 4: LEDs and Clocks
Lab 5: LCDs and libraries
Lab 6: Mystic LCD
Lab 7: The E lock
Lab 8: Reaction timer
Lab 9: Inspect your morse
Lab 10: Analogue fun

What is a C program?

Introduction, Comments, The main function header, The main function body, The end of the line, Exercises


Introduction, Types, Floating point, Characters, Integers, Choosing variables, Identifiers, Declaration, Multiple declarations, Initialization, Names, Assigning statements, Expressions, Operators and Operands, Constant operands, Operators and divide, Working on bits, Shifting bits, Shortcut operators, Unary operators, Casting Exercises

Conditional Statements

Introduction, Logical operators, Equality, Using else, Cunning conditions, Complicated conditions, Unary operators in conditions, Exercises

Statements and Blocks

Introduction, Blocks in Blocks, Global and local variables, Local variable scope, Global variables, Global and local in Boost C, Exercises

Looping the loop

Introduction, While loop, Counting with the while loop, The for loop, Breaking out of loops, Continuing loops, Exercises


Introduction, When to use a function, Functions which return values, Functions which accept parameters, Functions which return values, More than one parameter, Exercises.


Introduction, The need for arrays, Declaring an array, elements in an array, Sorting array elements, Into the next dimension, Exercises


Introduction, The switch condition, Switches and breaks, Exercises


Introduction, Arrays and pointers, Declaring a pointer, Using a pointer, Comparing a pointer, Null pointers, Functions and pointers, Finding out the size, Strings, Exercises


Introduction, Creating structures, How structures work, Pointers in structures, Structures in structures, Exercises

The pre-processor

Introduction, The #include directive, magic numbers and #define, Conditional compilation, Exercises

Software engineering in C

Introduction, Deciding on specification, Deciding how to test, creating the functions, Using the functions, Making a project, External data

PICmicro reference

Introduction, Bits and bytes, Hex and decimal, Ready reckoner, Exercises, The PIC microcontroller, the PICmicro range, Architecture, Programming the PICmicro, The working register, File registers, Bank selection, Special function registers, PORTA and PORTB, TRISA and TRISB, Interrupts, Timer, Watchdog, Sleep, EEPROM memory, Development board, Exercises

Compiling and running programs

Introduction, Compiling your program, assembling your program, downloading your program, Boost C PIC functions, Boost C project files

Optional Hardware for Hands-on Training

The lessons in this tutorial make specific reference to the E-blocks PIC multiprogrammer and the old HP488 PIC Training and Development Board. The new EB083 Development Board is a functional replacement for the HP488 when used with the multiprogrammer. You also could use your own programmer and development board with a PIC16F1937 MCU to perform the lessons if your board has the applicable components.

Bundle Option

You can also order this tutorial bundled with development hardware at a significant discount.

License Versions

The CD-ROM is available in different license versions:

  • Student/Home: For Students or private home users (omits selected exercises and content more applicable to institutions)
  • Single User ("Professional"): For corporate & professional users
  • 10 User: Non-commercial usage on a network
  • Site License: Up to 50 users

Please select the license version you require from the drop-down menu below. The price increase over the student/home edition is displayed next to the license version you select.

Note: The Boost C compiler included with all license versions of this PIC C tutorial CD-ROM is for educational use only and is code size limited to 4kBytes of code. Unlimited and commercial licenses can be purchased directly from SourceBoost.

Available Options:
License Version:

This product was added to our catalog on Wednesday 25 April, 2007.


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