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60MHz Digital Storage Oscilloscope, 4K/Channel, USB PC-based US$605.80

60MHz Digital Storage Oscilloscope, 4K/Channel, USB PC-based

The M521 Oscilloscope is part the ETC Measuring Lab 3 (EML3) line. The dual-channel USB oscilloscope is compatible with USB 2.0 and USB 1.1 interfaces. You can connected it to a computer using standard USB 2.0 cable, and it will be powered through USB, so no external power supply is needed. This makes the M521 scope extremely portable, given its size of just 106 163 35 mm (excluding connectors and feet). The maximum power consumption of only 2.25W makes it usable with battery-powered notebooks.

The M521 has 60 MHz bandwidth and 4K per channel internal storage. There are six oscilloscopes in the M520 Series, available with 60, 120 or 150 MHz bandwidth and 4K or 8K per channel internal storage. A detailed table of the differences between the six models is found below, so you can compare and choose the one that suits your needs.

All devices of the M520 Oscilloscope Series offer simple and intuitive installation and operation, and they can adapt to any screen resolution from 800 600 upwards. They have two vertical channels with 8-bit resolution and offer a deflection factor from 10mV/div to 5V/div in 1-2-5 steps. The device inputs are accessible via BNC connectors which are compatible with standard probes (with minimum of 32 pF compensation range).

Four standard acquisition modes (AUTO, NORMAL, SINGLE, MANUAL) are available. The trigger event is created by a dual-level triggering system equipped with a digital pulse length filter and event counter on each level. The channel A, channel B and external trigger input can be activated as a triggering system source. The threshold of the channel A and channel B triggers is settable for the whole range of the scope screen. The threshold of the external trigger is fixed to about 1.5V and is TTL and CMOS compatible. This sophisticated triggering system allows displaying waveforms with very complicated trigger events (e.g. selected row of the video signal).

M521 Oscilloscope Features

  • Dual-level triggering system with digital pulse length filter and event counter on each level. This allows displaying of very complicated events.
  • Virtual storage with size of 63000 samples. This feature allows you to delay data acquisition from the trigger event by a maximum of 63000 samples.
  • Simple and complex triggering modes. Simple triggering mode is very easy to use; using the complex mode, you can utilize the triggering possibilities to the fullest extent.
Standard triggering features are also supported, such as data acquisition before trigger, triggering from channel A, channel B and external trigger, or setting the trigger threshold of both channels within the whole vertical range of display.

The vertical deflection system is equipped with all standard features, such as AC/DC switch, GND switch or probe input ratio selector (1:1, 1:10, 1:100). The measuring channel inputs withstand the voltage of 200V with no respect to the selected deflection factor.

A very useful feature of the vertical deflection system is Digital Shielding. When turned on, it removes asynchronous noise from the measured waveform without any influence to the frequency response.

Using the random sampling method is the horizontal deflection system, capable of reaching the equivalent sampling frequency of up to 5GS/s on the M521. It also provides zoom functionality with factors from 10:1 to 1:16. The fastest timebase setting is 1ns/div with zoom factor set to 10:1 or 10ns/div with zoom ratio 1:1. See the tables below for more detailed figures.

M520 Series Oscilloscope Software and Documentation

The standard oscilloscope software, which provides access to all functionality of the device, is available free of charge. The software also configures the scope firmware, so by keeping the software up to date, the scope also is kept up to date. All standard features of modern DSOs (hold acquisition process, hold-off, zoom, etc.) and many more (saving/loading the waveforms for future use, export to clipboard, printing the results together with scope settings) are available. Spectrum analyzer software is the part of basic package. It analyzes the signal on channel A and displays its frequency spectrum.

The included Roll Mode software package will turn the oscilloscope into datalogger with sampling rate from 50S/s to 5Ms/s in USB 2.0, or 50S/s to 250kS/s in USB 1.1. Measurements are written to your hard disk automatically, so the amount of data measured is limited only by your drive's capacity. Measurements are displayed in real time in the Acquisition window; stored data can be viewed with the Roll Mode Viewer application or exported for analysis in third-party applications.

The scope comes with a printed installation guide. A detailed manual is provided on CD. In addition, the software includes tooltip help that can keep you up and running instead of stopping to go back into the manual.

Third-Party Software Support

Use the Model option selector at the bottom of this page to get the Professional version (M521/RM/PRO) which includes an API allowing you to add control functions for the scope in your own software applications. It works in Windows 98SE, Me, 2000, XP and Vista. It comes with descriptions and examples of all libraries written in Inprise Delphi, Inprise C++ Builder, Visual C++ 6.0, Visual Basic 6.0, C# .NET and Visual Basic .NET.

M520 Series Oscilloscope Specifications

There are six models in the M520 range. This page is for ordering the M521. There are links in the bottom table on this page to the other models and to kits that include probes.

Vertical deflection system

M521 M522 M523 M524 M525 M526
No. of divisions 8
No. of pixels per division 32
Deflection factor range 10mV/div to 5V/div in 1-2-5 sequence
Accuracy 2% of current value + 1 pixel
Resolution 8 bits (0.39%)
Frequency response (-3dB) DC: 0-60 MHz;
AC: 1.2 Hz to 60 MHz
DC: 0-120 MHz;
AC: 1.2 Hz to 120 MHz
DC: 0-150 MHz;
AC: 1.2 Hz to 150 MHz
Step response rise time max. 5.8 ns max. 2.9 ns max. 2.4 ns
Channel isolation min. 60 dB
Resistance 1 MΩ +5%, -2%
Input resistance
inaccuracy adjustment
Digital for absolute accuracy 2% of current voltage + 1 pixel
Capacitance 30 pF 2pF
Zero setting accuracy 2% of the screen
Maximum input voltage 200V at 100 kHz or less


M521 M522 M523 M524 M525 M526
System type Dual level
Trigger source for primary level Selectable Channel A, Channel B or external trigger input
Trigger source for secondary level Selectable Channel A, Channel B or external trigger input
Threshold setting Channel A and Channel B on the whole display range. External fixed on about 1.5V
Slope selection Leading or trailing edge independently on each source
Minimum trigger pulse period 5ns
Minimum trigger pulse length 2.5ns
Maximum voltage on
external trigger input
10V to +13V at 20 kHz or less
Adjustments Digital filter with ability to set the valid pulse length up to 131072*Ts for each level and with counter of valid triggering events settable from 1 to 32768 for each level. HOLD-OFF settable up to 131072*Ts with selectable AUTO mode, to sample proper amount of data before trigger. (Ts actual real-time sampling period)

Data acquisition system

M521 M522 M523 M524 M525 M526
No. of divisions 10
No. of pixels per division 50 40
Mode of operation Sampling before and after trigger with continual selection of the trigger position
Record length 4096 samples per channel 8192 samples per channel 4096 samples per channel 8192 samples per channel 4096 samples per channel 8192 samples per channel
Time base range in 1:1 mode 10 ns/d to 100 ms/d
in 1-2-5 sequence
5 ns/d to 100 ms/d
in 1-2-5 sequence
2 ns/d to 100 ms/d
in 1-2-5 sequence
Time base range using
different ZOOM modes
1 ns/d to
800 ms/d
1 ns/d to
1.6 s/d
500 ps/d to
800 ms/d
500 ps/d to
1.6 s/d
200 ps/d to
800 ms/d
200 ps/d to
1.6 s/d
Time base accuracy 0.01% to 100ns/d, 0.5% for 50ns/d to 5ns/d
Real-time sampling frequency 1 kHz to 50 MHz 1 kHz to 100 MHz 1 kHz to 200 MHz
Equivalent sampling frequency 1 kHz to 5 GHz 1 kHz to 10 GHz 1 kHz to 20 GHz
Display range with respect to trigger event 4094 samples before and 63000 samples after event
in length of 4096 samples
8190 samples before and 63000 samples after event
in length of 8192 samples
4094 samples before and 63000 samples after event
in length of 4096 samples
8190 samples before and 63000 samples after event
in length of 8192 samples
4094 samples before and 63000 samples after event
in length of 4096 samples
8190 samples before and 63000 samples after event
in length of 8192 samples

Probe compensation generator

M521 M522 M523 M524 M525 M526
Output connector BNC, together with External trigger input
Output impedance 1kΩ to parallel with 10nF and approx. 50Ω serial
Output waveform Pulse with 1:1 duty cycle
Frequency 1465 Hz
Output voltage (no load) 3.3V 5%


M521 M522 M523 M524 M525 M526
Power source USB interface via USB cable
Max current USB1.1: 350 mA, USB2.0: 450 mA

Mechanical characteristics

M521 M522 M523 M524 M525 M526
Size without feet and connectors 165 111 35 mm
Size with feet and connectors 182 111 39 mm
Weight 520 g

M520 Series Oscilloscope Models

Use the links in the brief comparison table below if you want to order a different model in the M520 Series. The K52x versions are kits that include two probes and come in a storage/carrrying case. Otherwise, from this page you will get the M521 by itself with no probes.

Models Bandwidth Max. Sample Rate Max. RIS Sample Rate Timebase range Memory
M521K52160 MHz50 MS/s5 GS/s1ns/d to 800ms/d4K
M522K52260 MHz50 MS/s5 GS/s1ns/d to 1.6s/d8K
M523K523120 MHz100 MS/s10 GS/s500ps/d to 800ms/d4K
M524K524120 MHz100 MS/s10 GS/s500ps/d to 1.6s/d8K
M525K525150 MHz200 MS/s20 GS/s200ps/d to 800ms/d4K
M526K526150 MHz200 MS/s20 GS/s200ps/d to 1.6s/d8K

Digital Storage Oscilloscope Documentation

Country of Origin: Slovak Republic
Leadtime: 1 week

Available Options:

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This product was added to our catalog on Tuesday 04 October, 2005.


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