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Designing Embedded Systems with PIC Microcontrollers US$69.95

Designing Embedded Systems with PIC Microcontrollers

This book is a hands-on introduction to the principles and practice of embedded system design using the PIC microcontroller. Packed with helpful examples and illustrations, it gives an in-depth treatment of microcontroller design, programming in both assembly language and C, and features advanced topics such as networking and real-time operating systems. It is accompanied by a CD-ROM containing copies of all programs and software tools used in the text and a student version of the C complier.

Designing Embedded Systems with PIC Microcontrollers: Principles and Applications is ideal for students of electronics, mechatronics and computer engineering. Engineers in industry and informed hobbyists will also find this book a valuable resource when designing and implementing both simple and sophisticated embedded systems using the PIC Microcontroller.

Book Details

  • Paperback: 304 pages
  • Author: Tim Wilmshurst
  • Publisher: Newnes; 1 Pap/Cdr edition (November 13, 2006)
  • Language: English
  • Product Dimensions:9.3 x 7.5 x 1.3 inches
  • Shipping Weight:2.3 pounds

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 Microprocessor and Microcontroller Fundamentals

  • 1.1 Embedded Systems and Microcontrollers
  • 1.2 Microprocessor-Based Systems: Internal View with System Bus
  • 1.3 Software: From Machine to High-Level Languages 1
  • 1.4 Data Format
  • 1.5 Microprocessor (MPU)- and Microcontroller (MCU)-Based Systems
  • 1.6 Historical Perspective and Look Ahead

Chapter 2 Microcontroller Architecture—PIC18F Family

  • 2.1 PIC18F Microcontroller Families
  • 2.2 Processes of Data Transfer between a Microcontroller and Outside Peripherals
  • 2.3 Support Devices
  • 2.4 Microchip PIC Family of Devices
  • 2.5 PIC18F Instructions and Assembly Language
  • 2.6 Illustration: Displaying a Byte at an I/O Port of PIC18F452 Microcontroller
  • 2.7 Embedded System: Temperature and Time Display
Questions, Assignments, and Simulation Exercises
Simulation Exercises Using PIC18 Simulator IDE

Chapter 3 PIC18F Programming Model and Its Instruction Set

  • 3.1 PIC18F Programming Model
  • 3.2 Introduction to PIC18 Instruction Set
  • 3.3 Instruction Format
  • 3.4 Illustration: Addition
Questions and Assignments
Simulation Exercises

Chapter 4 Programming and Problem Solving

  • 4.1 Approach to Problem Solving with Programming
  • 4.2 Illustrative Program: Addition with Carry Check
  • 4.3 Integrated Development Environment (IDE)
  • 4.4 Illustrative Program: Addition with Carry Check
  • 4.5 Assembling, Debugging, and Executing a Program Using MPLAB IDE
Questions and Assignments
Simulation Exercises

Chapter 5 Introduction to Data Copy (Move), Arithmetic, and Branch Instructions

  • 5.1 Data Copy (Move) and Set/Clear Operations
  • 5.2 Arithmetic Operations
  • 5.3 Redirection of Program Execution (Branch and Skip Operations)
  • 5.4 Generating Time Delays
  • 5.5 Illustrative Program: Generating Waveforms
  • 5.6 Illustrative Program: Copying a Block of Data from Program Memory to Data Registers
  • 5.7 Illustrative Program: Addition of Data Bytes
  • 5.8 Illustrative Program: Searching for Specific Characters in a Data Set
Questions and Assignments
Simulation Exercises

Chapter 6 Introduction to Logic, Bit Manipulation, and Multiply-Divide Operations

  • 6.1 Logic Operations
  • 6.2 Bit Operations
  • 6.3 Multiply and Divide Operations
  • 6.4 Illustrative Program: Finding the Highest Temperature in a Data String
  • 6.5 Illustrative Program: Finding an Average Temperature of Data Readings
Questions and Assignments
Simulation Exercises

Chapter 7 Stack and Subroutines

  • 7.1 Stack
  • 7.2 Subroutine
  • 7.3 Macros and Software Stack
  • 7.4 Illustrative Program: Copying and Adding Data Bytes
  • 7.5 Illustrative Program: Calculating Average Temperature
Questions and Assignments
Simulation Exercises

Chapter 8 Application Programs and Software Design

  • 8.1 BCD to Binary Conversion
  • 8.2 Binary to BCD Conversion
  • 8.3 ASCII Code to Binary Conversion
  • 8.4 Binary to ASCII Code Conversion
  • 8.5 Illustrative Program: Multiplication of 16-Bit Numbers
  • 8.6 Illustrative Program: Division of Two 8-Bit Unsigned Numbers
  • 8.7 Software Design
Questions and Assignments
Simulation and Troubleshooting Exercises

Chapter 9 Input/Output (I/O) Ports and Interfacing

  • 9.1 Basic Concepts is I/O Interfacing and PIC18 I/O Ports
  • 9.2 Interfacing Output Peripherals
  • 9.3 Illustration: Displaying BCD Counter at Seven-Segment LEDs
  • 9.4 Interfacing Input Peripherals
  • 9.5 Illustration: Interfacing Push-Button Keys
  • 9.6 Illustration: Interfacing an LCD (Liquid Crystal Display)
  • 9.7 Illustration: Interfacing a Matrix Keyboard
  • 9.8 Illustration: Interfacing Seven Segment LEDs – Time Multiplex Scanning Technique
Questions and Assignment

Chapter 10 Interrupts

  • 10.1 Basic Concepts in Interrupts
  • 10.2 PIC18 Interrupts
  • 10.3 Illustration: Implementation of Interrupt Process in PIC18 Microcontroller
Questions and Assignments

Chapter 11 Timers

  • 11.1 Basic Concepts in Counters and Timers
  • 11.2 PIC18 Timers
  • 11.3 CCP (Capture, Compare, and PWM) Modules
  • 11.4 Illustration: Generating a Periodic Waveform Using an Interrupt
  • 11.5 Illustration: Designing a 12-Hour Clock
Questions and Assignments
Simulation Exercises

Chapter 12 Data Converters

  • 12.1 Data Converters: Basic Concepts
  • 12.2 PIC18F4520 Analog-to-Digital (A/D) Converter Module
  • 12.3 Illustration: Interfacing a Temperature Sensor to the A/D Converter Module
  • 12.4 Digital to Analog (D/A, DAC, or D-to-A) Conversion
  • 12.5 Illustration: Generating a Ramp Waveform Using a D/A Converter
Questions and Assignments
Simulation Exercises

Chapter 13 Serial I/O 401

  • 13.1 Basic Concepts in Serial Communication
  • 13.2 EIA-232 and PIC18 Serial Communication Module USART
  • 13.3 Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI)
  • 13.4 The Inter-Integrated Circuit (I2C) Protocol
  • 13.5 Illustration: Interfacing Serial EEPROM to the PIC18 MSSP Module in the SPI Mode
  • 13.6 Illustration: Interfacing Serial EEPROM to the PIC18 MSSP Module in the I2C Mode
Questions and Assignments
Simulation Exercises

Chapter 14 Designing Embedded Systems

  • 14.1 Features of Embedded Systems
  • 14.2 Designing Embedded Systems
  • 14.3 TTMS Project Design: Hardware
  • 14.4 TTMS Project Design – Software
  • 14.5 Special Features and Configuration Registers
Questions and Assignments
Simulation Exercises


  • A PIC18FXXX/XXXX Instruction Set
  • B In-Circuit Emulator (ICE), In-Circuit Debugger (ICD), and MicrochipMPLAB® ICD 2
  • C Operational Amplifiers and Signal Conditioning Circuits
  • D Number Systems and Hex Arithmetic
  • E American Standard Code for Information Interchange: ASCII Codes
  • F PIC18 Simulator IDE


This product was added to our catalog on Tuesday 08 January, 2008.


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