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Samsung S3C6410X (ARM11) Development Board, LCD, USB, RS232, VGA US$320.00

Samsung S3C6410X (ARM11) Development Board, LCD, USB, RS232, VGA

The Kit6410 Evaluation Board is built upon the Samsung ARM11 S3C6410X ARM1176JZF-S core 16/32-bit RISC microprocessor, which is designed to provide a cost-effective, low-power, high-performance Application Processor solution for mobile phones, notebook, industrial navigation system and general applications. To provide optimized hardware performance for the 2.5G & 3G communication services, the ARM chip S3C6410X adopts 64/32-bit internal bus architecture. The 64/32-bit internal bus architecture is composed of AXI, AHB and APB buses. The chip also includes many powerful hardware accelerators for tasks such as motion video processing, audio processing, 2D/3D graphics, display manipulation and scaling. An integrated Multi Format Codec (MFC) supports encoding and decoding of MPEG4/H.263/H.264 and decoding of VC1. To reduce total system cost and enhance overall functionality, the S3C6410X includes many hardware peripherals such as a Camera Interface, TFT 24-bit true color LCD controller, System Manager (power management & etc.), and so on.

This Kit6410 Evaluation Board from Boardcon takes full advantage of the processor by providing a complete set of common system peripherals, minimizing overall system costs and eliminating the need to configure additional components. It supports 128MByte DDR SDRAM and 256MByte NAND Flash as well as high-speed USB2.0 OTG function. The board has exposed many other hardware interfaces including RS232 serial port, LCD/TSP, TVOUT, S-Video, Ethernet, SD/MMC, GPIO, camera, SPI, and JTAG. The board has two methods to boot the system: from either SD card or NAND Flash. It is able to support WinCE and Linux OS, and comes with WinCE6.0 BSP and Linux2.6.28 BSP. Google Android OS and Ubuntu also are provided.

The board can be provided with an optional 4.3-inch or 7-inch LCD (4.3-inch is shown in the picture). See the bottom of this page to select an LCD.

The kit includes the CPU Board and Carrier Board, Windows Embedded CE 6.0 or Linux OS BSP, complete electronic documentation, schematics, demo applications, and third-party Cross compilers (Arm-none-linux-gnueabi, 3.3.2, 3.4.1, 4.2.2-eabi) and embedded development environments (DNW, MoviNAND_Fusing_Tool.exe, activesync,sdboot, TCPMP, USB Interface Driver and so on) for evaluation.

S3C6410X Development Board Features

  • Modular Design: Carrier board 200mm x 140mm; CPU board 81.2mm x 55.8mm
  • WinCE6.0, Linux2.6.28, Android and Ubuntu are available for the kit
  • Processor: Samsung ARM S3C6410, ARM1176JZF-S, up to 667MHz
  • 128MB DDR SDRAM, 166MHz
  • 256MB NAND Flash, 16-bit
  • 2M Bytes NOR Flash
  • Two kinds of LCD/Touch Screen interface; supports 3.5-inch TFT LCD, 4.3-inch TFT LCD and 7-inch TFT LCD
  • 50-pin GPIO connector, 50-pin data and address BUS connector
  • S-Video display interface
  • One TVOUT
  • One VGA interface
  • One 10-pin A/D interface
  • Two 20-pin SPI interfaces; it can connect WIFI, DTV Module
  • One audio input interface (3.5mm audio jack)
  • One 2-channel audio output interface (3.5mm audio jack)
  • One 10/100M Ethernet interface (RJ45)
  • One High-speed USB2.0 OTG port (Mini USB type interface)
  • Four serial ports (Two are five-wire RS-232 DB9 interface; other two are three-wire TTL serial ports led out from a 20-pin expansion connector)
  • SD/MMC interface (supports 3.3V and 1.8V logic voltage)
  • Two camera interfaces (30-pin FPC connector; supports CCD or CMOS camera)
  • One 20-pin JTAG interface and one 10-pin CPLD JTAG interface
  • Eight buttons (Reset, Boot, User-defined, On/Off)
  • Power supply: +12V
  • Temperature range : 0C to 70C

S3C6410X Development Board Software

OS Item Feature Description
Bootloader Uboot Main functions:
1. Supports Nand Flash erase/write/read
2. Supports USB image download
3. Supports print, set, save environment variables
4. Supports memory content display/compare/modify
5. Supports bootm, bootargs setting
Sdboot 1. SD card boot-up and download image via USB (can replace JTAG)
2. Replace booting logo
Image update Supports updating image from SD card or USB
Kernel and
Version Linux 2.6.28
Drivers Serial ports, RTC, Ethernet, 3.5", 4.3" and 7" LCD including Touch Screen, MMC/SD, USB Host, LEDs, AC97, Camera, GPS, High-Speed SD card, USB Keyboard and Mouse, VGA, I2C, SPI, DMA, MFC, TV-Out, OpenGL ES1.1 & 2.0, D3DM
File System File System Yaffs or NFS File System
Function Provided Lib (ALSA -lib, tslib, glibc), udev support
Embedded GUI Qtopia 2.2.0 Supports file browser, Mediaplayer, calendar, time, counter, touch screen calibration program, plugin manager
Network protocol
& application
Protocol TCP/IP protocol, Telnet, FTP client/server, boa web server
Application H.264 display, MPEG-4 display, H.263 display, VC-1 display, 4-window display, Camera preview & MFC encoding, MFC decoding & Camera preview, Camera input and JPEG encoding, JPEG decoding and display, MFC decoding & Camera preview through TV, H.264 decoding through TV-Out
Cross Compiler
3.3.2, 3.4.1, 4.2.2-eabi
Boot eboot Start eboot from SD card; do not burn eboot via JTAG
Boot Mode Boot WinCE from SD card, NAND Flash
Image update Supports updating image from SD card or USB
System Characteristic KITL kernel debug, Reboot, Watchdog, RTC
Drivers 4.3" and 7" LCD including Touch Screen, VGA, TV-Out, S-Video, LEDs
SD card, High-speed SD card, SPI, AC97, Camera, Ethernet, USB Host, USB OTG, Serial ports, RTC, GPS, WiFi, 3G Module, I2C, JPEG, CF_ATA, CMM, DMA, DrvLib, MFC, Power Button, Power Control, UA0
Function 220MB NAND Flash for user
Power Management (backlight drive, battery-driven, sleep/wake-up function)
Hive registry support
ROM file system support
Source code and test program for MPC, MPEG-4/H264/H263/VC-1, DirectShow Filter, JPEG, OpenGL ES1.1 & 2.0
TCPMP Media Player supports MPEG-4/H263/H264/VC-1, avi/mp4/m4v, mov/3gp/flv/mpg, DIVX/XVID, with MP1/MP2/MP3/AC3/AAC audio decoding
Message tools: Skype, MSN, QQ
Office tools: Word, Excel, Powerpoint, PDF, txt
.NET Compact Framework 3.5

Boot Version U-boot 1.3.4
Boot Mode Boot Android from SD card, NAND Flash
Image update Supports updating image from SD card or USB
Kernel and
Version Linux 2.6.36-Android
Drivers SDROM, Flash, Serial ports, RTC, 4.3" and 7" LCD including Touch Screen, MMC/SD, High-Speed SD card, user buttons, I2C, SPI, JPEG, MFC, TV-Out, LCD display rotate, USB Host, USB Device, 2D/3D hardware decode, OpenGL ES1.1 & 2.0, D3DM
File System File System Format Yaffs2 (Androidfs-sdk-m5-rc15)
Embedded GUI Android-2.3 Supports file browser, Mediaplayer
Applications Alarm clock, ASTR0, Mediaplayer, Music, Picsay, Gallery, Browser, Panda Reader
Cross Compiler
Debug Tools DNW, MoviNAND_Fusing_Tool.exe
Ubuntu Boot Version U-boot 1.1.6
Boot Mode Boot Android from SD card, NAND Flash
Image update Supports updating image from SD card or USB
Kernel and
Version Linux
Drivers SDROM, Flash, Serial ports, RTC, 4.3" and 7" LCD including Touch Screen, MMC/SD, High-Speed SD card, user buttons
File System File System Format Ext3 rootfs
Embedded GUI Lxde-ubuntu Supports file browser, Mediaplayer
Cross Compiler
Debug Tools DNW, MoviNAND_Fusing_Tool.exe

S3C6410X Development Kit Contents

  • ARM11 EM6410 Evaluation board, with LCD is selected below
  • CD-ROM (WinCE 6.0 BSP, Linux BSP, Documents, tools, Schematic Drawing, datasheets)
  • Serial cable (IDC10-to-DB9)
  • 12V@2A Power adapter
  • Touch Pen
  • USB cable
  • Ethernet crossover cable

Download S3C6410X Development Kit Datasheet (out of date in its description of included software, but includes dimensional drawing, block diagram, etc. that is still applicable).

View board image with labels so you can see how it's laid out.

Ships from: China
Lead time: 1 week

Optional Modules

Add these modules to your order using the option selectors below. Drivers may not be available for all operating systems. Check the Software tables above to make sure that the operating system you'll be running will include drivers for the module(s) you want to use.

Datasheets, user guides and software can be downloaded for the GPS Module, Camera Module, WiFi Module, and 3G Module.

Available Options:
LCD Display:
GPS Module:
Camera Module:
WiFi Module:
3G Module:

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This product was added to our catalog on Tuesday 24 November, 2009.


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