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ARM JTAG Debugger & Programmer, USB and Ethernet Interface US$450.00

ARM JTAG Debugger & Programmer, USB and Ethernet Interface

The Embest ARM In-Circuit Debugger and Programmer connects to a PC's USB or Ethernet port and supports a data transmission speed of 200 to 800 kBytes per second. The Ethernet port can be used for remote debugging.

Completely non-intrusive, this ARM In-Circuit Debugger and Programmer from Embest communicates with the ARM CPU core via JTAG using the ARM's boundary scan pins. The ARM emulator uses no target memory and requires no porting of code to the target system.

The In-Circuit Debugger and Programmer provides you with complete control of the target ARM processor -- you can start and stop real-time code execution; single-step through code; read from and write to registers, memory, and system I/O; and download code to target RAM.

With its capability to read and program both ARM microcontroller on-chip Flash and external on-board Flash memories, this emulator doubles as a JTAG Flash programmer.

ARM JTAG In-Circuit Debugger and Programmer Features

  • Supports all ARM7 microcontrollers, and ARM920T cores.
  • Supports two hardware breakpoints, two data breakpoints, and as many software breakpoints as permitted by the ARM core.
  • Writes data to target system Flash memory (on-chip and external) using Embest Flash Programmer software.
  • Supports network or internet sharing among a development team, and remote debugging.
  • In-Circuit Debugger and Programmer firmware can be upgraded by software without changing any hardware.

Compatible Debugger and IDE Software

The Embest ARM In-Circuit Debugger and Programmer is compatible with the following software packages (not included) running under Windows 98, NT, 2000, Me or XP:
  • ARM Developer Suite (ADS)
  • ARM Software Development Toolkit (SDT)
  • Embest Integrated Development Environment

ARM In-Circuit Debugger and Programmer JTAG Interface

The In-Circuit Debugger and Programmer connects to your target system via a JTAG interface. The JTAG interface supports the 20-pin ARM JTAG interface pinout. A cable for 20-pin JTAG target board connectors is included.

ARM In-Circuit Debugger and Programmer LED Indicators

The In-Circuit Debugger and Programmer provides three LEDs that show the operational status, labeled PWR/RUN/ALARM. PWR is the power indicator. RUN indicates data transmission between host PC and target CPU. ALARM indicates the generation of error messages or that the update function is running.

ARM In-Circuit Debugger and Programmer Power Requirements

The In-Circuit Debugger and Programmer can receive 5V power through your USB port, or can be powered by an external supply from 6 to 9V.

In-Circuit Debugger and Programmer Package Contents

  • Embest JTAG 200-800kBytes/sec In-Circuit Debugger and Programmer for ARM; supports Embest IDE, ARM SDT and ARM ADS
  • Drivers and Manual on CD-ROM
  • USB cable
  • Network cable
  • 20-pin JTAG interface cable


Download ARM JTAG In-Circuit Debugger and Programmer User Manual (Adobe Acrobat File (.pdf), 1.5MB)

This In-Circuit Debugger and Programmer can also be purchased as a package in combination with the Embest IDE Software.

In combination with the optional JTAG Flash Programming Software, this emulator can act as a Flash JTAG programmer for standalone Flash memory chips and for on-chip Flash memories of ARM7 and ARM920T-based microcontrollers.

Note: This In-Circuit Debugger can not be used standalone. For in-circuit debugging it requires that you have a target board with an ARM-based microcontroller and a JTAG connector. See the ARM Boards category for target boards that we have available.

Ships from: China
Lead time: 1 week

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This product was added to our catalog on Wednesday 03 November, 2004.


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